Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Friday and I...

... have got nothing planned for the weekend! Great, because I need to catch up on some sleep.
... should go jogging too!
... will probably do the weekly mani- and pedicure evening at my house tonight with all the girls.
... am shooting another music on Sunday. This time with Taxi Violence.
... will, just like I always do, share all the behind-the-scenes stuff with you. Also look out for tweets and twitpics from me from the location.
... also have a photo shoot in 2 weeks to build-up a kick-ass portfolio. We're shooting at 15 on Orange, Llundadno and POD Boutique Hotel. It's going to be insane, so watch this space!
... am still on the hunt for lingerie and swimwear sponsors for two of the scenes! E-mail me if you'd like to help or need more info.
... don't remember the last time I won something.
... am looking forward to my sister's beach party next weekend!
... am single and loving it, but (im)patiently waiting for my knight in shining armor. (What's taking you so long?)
... am in need of proper wining and dining (followed by retail therapy).
... am happy and relieved that my Cavalli shades have been returned to me, undamaged.
... just realised that 11 years ago I had my first kiss. Wow, that just made me feel really old!
... hope I'm not mistaken, but isn't it Tracy McGregor's birthday today? Happy birthday hun!

Happy Friday! This is my last free weekend for months to come! It's almost too much freedom for me!



  1. beautiful pic of a gorgeous lady ;)
    Enjoy the music vid and I saw that knight, his armour has rusted because of the might have to accept him without it :)

  2. So what qualifies for proper wining and dining?

  3. Holy moly! that pic is stunning! hope the music video went well.