Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Friday and I...

... am becoming a regular in Hermanus. Going there again.
... am relieved that the house-hunting is over! Now for the big move and housewarming.
... don't even have one piece of furniture for the new place! Can anyone say 'stress'!
... knew from the start that Mariah Carey is pregnant. Why do celebs always deny it?
... had a hangover from hell yesterday and had to come to work! I never ate so much in one day.
... was home-alone last night, but had time to give myself a decent manicure and pedicure.
... am so heartbroken about my camera that got stolen last week. I took the coolest photos at the Moulin Rouge party and now I can't even share the pictures with you.
... don't really celebrate Halloween, but perhaps I should dress up anyway!
... decided that I would accept every friend request on Facebook from now on. So feel free to add me.
... am changing my hair style in a few days! Going dark with bangs!
... want to be a poster girl, but need 1000 followers on Twitter. Help a girl out please!
... am eating a large bag of cheese-and-onion flavoured popcorn! This might just be my new favourite snack.
... really need to get my ass to gym! I haven't been there in weeks. Seriously.
... can't wait for Wednesday! Meeting great people that will help my sister and I with our Twice the Taste website and ventures.
... really am happy that it's Friday and that the holidays are around the corner. Finally!

Happy Friday world. Let's get this weekend started!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Giveaway time: Win with Foxy Originals and Being Brazen!

Aah, the sounds of 'giveaway', 'win' and 'competition' really gets me goin'! Gawd, how I can't say no! The lovely Being Brazen is having a fantastic Foxy Originals jewellery giveaway on her blog and all you have to do to enter, is comment or spread the word (just like I'm doing here). So head over to her web - while you're at it, check out her outfit posts which is a new addition to her blog (sexy!) - and enter away!

These are some of my favourites from the collection:

Good luck bitches!


Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Friday and I...

... went lingerie shopping last night. Corsets from Wonderbra.
... am attending a Moulin Rouge party tonight, hence the corset shopping. Ooh, can't wait!
... had a look at models/ finalists from the Wonderbra Model Search and saw a few girls with potential, but also saw loads of fake tits.
... did a lot of house hunting this week. Fun and depressing at the same time!
... fell in love with a house in Loevenstein, but the ridiculous deposit kinda screw me over.
... can't follow any more people on Twitter, because I've reached my limit. I will follow every follower of mine as soon as I can. Just had to put this out there.
... am featuring on YDE's Facebook Fanpage, modelling their new range, Siren Design.
... laugh every time I visit the Woelag website, but you have to be Afrikaans to appreciate this. Damn funny!
... had an interview with iDale yesterday about 'Where Bloggers Break Bread'. Keep an eye on his website to read about where cool bloggers love to wine and dine. The post should be up soooon!
... might be in a movie next year if everything works out. Hold thumbs for me.
... am also starting a new blog, but it will be a joint venture with my sister. Trust me, it's gonna rock!
... am keeping this list short as I am not feeling creative today.

Happy Friday everyone! Let's get this weekend started.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

MAJOR giveaway on Kim Gray's web - Check it out!

If you have an upcoming event - wedding, Christmas party, engagement party, birthday - listen up: Kim Gray has got a fabulous giveaway on her website to win the following...

A Rosenwerth dress (this is my absolute favourite)!!

Spa treatments from Uitsig Spa and pampering by Clarins. Yes please!

Hand crafted jewels by Free Range Jewels. How pretty are these knot rings? I know Kim Gray loves these!

What would an outfit be without designer shades? Tiffany & Co shades from Sunglass Hut - faaaab!

Impressed? Wait, we're not done. Shoes by Melissa Shoe covered in Swarovski crystals! This should round the look off!
What else would a girl need to feel sexy? Lingerie, of course! How does lingerie from Elle Macpherson Intimates sound? Right up my alley.

Now that you're dressed to kill, indulge in some Lindt chocolates and Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel Brut Rose. Two things that go hand-in-hand.

Seems dreamy, huh? Well, what are you waiting for? Go to Kim's website, comment on how you would plan your perfect day and how you would incorporate all these wonderful prizes, and you might just be the lucky winner. Enter, my lovelies!

Kim, you have absolutely outdone yourself! Good luck to everyone!!

(Images found on Kim Gray's website)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Behind the Scenes of the Jax Panik Music Video

I spent most of my Sunday in a studio in Woodstock shooting a music video with Jax Panik. I arrived at the studio just after 08h00 and ready to get it started. On my way there I had three energy drinks and turned the music up really loud in my car, just to get into the party vibe. The make-up artist-slash-stylist arrived shortly after me, set up her area and gave me my outfit. I wore bright pink shoes, fishnet stockings, a little black pants, a black and white corset, a bright pink wig and of course, the Jax Panik themed mask. I even had tattoos of topless mermaids drawn on my arm and boobs.

Everybody were shot individually and basically had to dance, act and just go crazy. I was up first. Lucky me. My part in the video was the 'hot girl' that Jax Panik was singing to. I just had to dance really sexy and silly. Sounds easy enough, right? Yes and no. Dancing sober in a tiny pants and high heels, wearing a latex mask, which were skin tight and were so hard to breathe through, with a wig. Not easy. Dancing alone on one spot in front of a green screen while the lights bake on you. Even harder. To top it all? A team of producers, directors, dancers and singers staring at me. But it wasn't long before I felt completely comfortable in front of the cameras and then everything just came naturally. I went all out. I even got a round of applause for the effort. Hard work, but it was total fun! I learnt so much, worked with absolutely passionate and talented people and I had an amazing experience! I mean, not everyone can say they've been in a music video.

The song Dinosaur, for which the music video was made, will debut on the 26th of October and the music video will be out on the 15th of November. I will definitely put it on my blog the minute I get the video.

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos. Don't we all just look totally weird?

This is what I looked like. Freaky. 

This is me in action...

Thank you Jax Panik and the ENTIRE TEAM involved for the once-in-a-life-time opportunity! It was great working with all of you. I'm so positive that the final cut of the music video is going to blow everyone away! I can't wait to see it!

Needless to say, I am so tired today and I will do anything for some sleep. Perhaps another energy drink will do the trick.


Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Friday and I...

... have some really big things planned with my life over the next couple of months. My sister will be doing it with me - yup, twins really do everything together. Goodbye boring corporate world. Hello billboards!
... am featuring on Bobbylicious' website today. Check out the interview done by the cool chick!
... am also featuring on Drikus le Roux's website today.
... am going to Hermanus again for the weekend. Sun, please shine and bake on my pale skin!
... strongly believe in the power of advertising.
... went for a hot-stone massage last night. Ah, my shoulders are killing me today!
... love being the face of Siren Design. If I could, I would sleep in those dresses too!
... really want a Blackberry! Upgrade, where are you?
... am house-hunting. Three young, single, party animal girls under one roof? Oh boy!
... am totally looking forward to Sunday! I'm shooting a music video with Jax Panik. Yes, I'm gonna be in it. Stoked.
... am memorising lyrics for the new song like CRAZY! 'I'm a rock star, play me like a guitar' is about the only line in the song I've got covered, but I totally dig Dinosaur, the song the music video is being done for.
... don't wanna be productive today. At all. Unless shopping counts.
... am suffering from hay fever. *sneeze*
... realised why I went through that break-up and why I have to be single right now.
... really want a faster car! Anybody? Daddy? Potential boyfriend?
... miss my best friend. I haven't seen her this whole week!
... have quit smoking! It's just not a sexy look for me.
... love how my Facebook statuses always create some sort of stir.
... think that we should plan a girls' weekend for Capetonian blogging babes! Sounds like fun to me!

It's Friday peeps, finally! What are y'alls up to this weekend? Anybody in Hermanus? Let me know and I might just join you for a cocktail.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

This Weekend I...

... took a few days off from work for an extended weekend and it did wonders! Not only did I take a much needed, and well-deserved, break, I also went on a girls' weekend. Hence me being so quiet on cyberspace the past couple of days. Friday morning early I packed the car, met up with five of my girl friends and hit the road!

This is what the house looked like which we stayed in. Beautiful, huh?

We then slipped into something more comfortable and had wine in the sun. Usually a recipe for disaster, but it totally relaxed me. Maybe a bit too much.

Next stop, Cubana. Cocktails and whale-watching.

And a virgin cocktail for my pregnant friend...

The next day we went shopping, sight-seeing and wine tasting. But first, a healthy breakfast.

Yes, I do actually play the piano.

On our way back home, we saw a house that was destroyed by fire - obviously many moons ago - so we decided to go inside and take photos. Technically it's not 'breaking an entry', because nobody lives there. Not that we care about rules anyway...

Got home, had more wine, ate loads of jelly beans, lounged around in bikinis and soaked up the sun. These really are the things weekends are made of.

After too much wine (is there really such a thing as too much wine?), we went to paint the teensy town RED.

This is it! This is what I did the (long) weekend. Hermanus was so much fun that we decided to go again this weekend. Also because the people asked really nice.