Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Friday and I...

... love mid-week girls nights! We went out with no make-up!
... can't believe we partied in a water feature in Casa Blanca, but it was the best night ever!
... cannot function when I only had 2 hours' sleep.
... was in my first car accident yesterday morning. My Yaris doesn't have a scratch, but the Golf is damaged pretty badly. I was sober and, for a change, not on my Blackberry.
... am so sad! I broke my wayfarer sunglasses when I sat on it and also lost my Roberto Cavalli shades. Now I'm without sunglasses.
... will do anything for new shades.
... am going to the beach tomorrow. Clifton, 4th beach perhaps?
... think another visit to Casa Blanca would be in order for tomorrow night. Girls?
... used to love Valentines Day, but since I'm newly single, I am not looking forward to all the romance, chocolates, flowers or love songs which I will be surrounded with.
... can't wait for an upcoming photo shoot. I'm going to be shooting scenes I haven't ever done before!
... am still on the hunt for a hot male model for a really sexy scene in the shoot. He will be posing with me. Anyone?
... really am so happy it's Friday! This has been the longest week ever!

TGIF! Yes, very very thankful that it's Friday! Let's hope I get up to some serious mischievous so that I have an interesting Monday post for you!



  1. You ladies look good even without make up ;)
    Sorry about the shades :(

  2. fook Vday, yr a fab female & that's a celebration in itself!!!
    sendn love & de-lights for a great day as a sing'a-lady
    Ms Noble