Friday, April 29, 2011

This is what I've been up to!

So you probably wondered where the hell I am and why I'm so quiet on the blogging front? I've been an extremely busy girl, being very productive with my modeling career.

First up was the photo shoot with with Alyssa Buttgen (fellow model and Sports Illustrated New Model Search hopeful) and Martin Tucker (The Keg King), done by the talented photographer, Robert Miller, for the final NoMU poster campaign! The poster should be up in May at the Engen on Orange, so be sure to get your pose on! Trust me, NoMU is ending this poster campaign with a bang. To coincide with the launch of their latest product, drinking chocolate (there goes my diet), the theme chosen is: The Final Temptation of The Keg King: Hot or Cold. I think it's rather brilliant, because not only is The Keg King torn between the hot (devilish, me) or cold (angel faced, Alyssa) girls, but he can't decide whether he wants his drinking chocolate hot or cold. And trust me, either way is just simply delicious! Well done on this fabulous product, NoMU! Peeps, keep your eyes on my blog and NoMU's website for details on how to enter and what the prizes are. I WISH I could enter!

Michelle Dickman is the MUA of choice! We love her.

The lighting had to be perfect!

Death by drinking chocolate!

Look mom, no hands.

Nothing 'cold' about this angel.

My devil outfit

And so the #hotorcold Tweetfest started!

It's good to be The King!

Two days later I attended a National Cleavage Day party, held at one of my favourite party spots, Living Room, to be part of a fashion show. At first I imagined 'ramp', which is not my forte, but this was a fashion show like no other. They turned the VIP area into a mini studio and did a live photo shoot while everyone partied and watched and took photos. We were five models and each changed into four different lingerie sets. At the same time it was a launch for a new lingerie label, French Knickers. They're stuff are really so amazing and sexy! I will post more about this in the near future. Overall, the evening was a huge success and such a cool experience!
The white scene.

The red and black scene.

The 'fantasy' scene.

We started around 23h00 and finished close to 03h00! Some behind-the-scenes photos:

The Burlesque scene was first up!

Tequila for the nerves.

The two designers of French Knickers Lingerie.

After the show, we partied and celebrated National Cleavage Day!

The following evening I went to Ceres for my cousin's dress-up party! I went as a Playboy bunny. Obviously.

My cousin really needs to change the date setting on her camera.

Pixie, Playboy bunny and Pregant Pink lady. Can you guess the theme?


So, next on my to-do list was the casting call for Playboy SA!

Waiting in the hotel room at the Pepper Club Hotel, where the casting was held, and ready to show them what I've got! The May issue of Playboy in my hand.

Some of the photos they sent me. 
For the casting, the girls had to pose in lingerie, then topless, followed by an interview while everything got video recorded. Clips of the day were published on later that day. Each girl had 30min for the casting. It went really great and I wasn't nervous at all. The people from Playboy were extremely nice and made me feel very comfortable! Now for the big wait!

What else have I been up to? Let's see...

I featured on Beach Watch and I'm the Bounce Girl for May. Read the interview, view the photos and download the May calendar on The Bounce, here. I also did an interview this morning with a JHB based newspaper, with regards to a certain challenge I accepted should the Boks win the rugby world cup. So, again, keep your eyes on my blog.

Then after all the hard work, I partied some more, held babies, went shopping, dumped the boyfriend, signed with an agency, ate loads of Easter eggs and did all the things girls do!

At Scarlet Lounge

One of my best friends had the most beautiful baby girl! I think this is a good look for me.

Partying with my cousin!

Dancing at Casa Blanca

And that's it for now! Enjoy the long weekend!
Take care, folks!


  1. Seems like you had a great time but then again, you always do

  2. You look like the type to give blowjobs for pennies. Consider becoming a pornstar instead.