Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kim and Khloe Kardashian at the Brutal Fruit Cranberry Launch!

When Brutal Fruit hosted the official launch party (last Friday) of the Cheeky Cranberry flavour at the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town, they sure didn't hold back. What better celebs to endorse your product than the Kardashian sisters? Yes, you heard right, Kim and Khloe were here in South Africa for a few days and boy, did they create a stir. I was lucky enough to get my name on that coveted guest list and even luckier to actually meet them. As much as I would like to blog about the party and the hot new flavour, I'm just too star-struck!

Kim is absolutely beautiful in real life, as in, way hotter than she is on TV. I was surprised as to how tiny she actually is! Khloe is so much fun and just as crazy as we all know her to be. They didn't disappoint and they weren't divas at all. They posed for pictures, signed books and post cards and were just all smiles.

Girls, come back any day. We love you! Well done to Brutal Fruit for pulling off this absolutely fabulous event! Apart from the Kardashians, there were loads of other things to entertain the guests, such as a massage room, a gift corner and loads of free pink drinks! Local celebs, such as Idols presenter, Liezel van der Westhuizen, Nicky Greenwall and former Miss SA, Jo-Ann Strauss, to name a few, also attended the event.
The pink gift shop.

Kim and Khloe in VIP. Everybody tries to get a picture.

Kim signing a book for a fan.

My favourite photo! Pictured here with one of my best friends and fitness blogger, Johlene

I bumped into Alex aka Cape Town Girl

One room in the theatre was transformed into a massage room. Foot massages by Mangwanani Spa, a counter with blushers and powders from MAC make-up, perfume testers of the new KK by Kim Kardashian and then a photo which is printed on the spot for you. They rotate the picture and edit it so that it looks as though you're sitting in a martini glass. Kim and Khloe signed my photo.

Johlene getting her picture taken.

Naturally, all attention was focused on the Kardashians, so when they left the party to fly back to LA, we could finally get our drink on...

My dress.

Thank you to Shabby Chic for doing our hair on such short notice! And a big thank you to Monique at Siren Design (at YDE) for gearing me with a really sexy dress!

Ok, back to reality for me!
Happy Holidays everyone!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Harrison Crump LIVE in Cape Town, Powered by Twisted Soul

When it comes to huge upcoming parties, I'm usually the first to know. So it's with great excitement that I can finally share my knowledge with you. Tomas Malinauskas, aka Harrison Crump's, fascination of putting on electronic sounds was aroused within the Cologne club scene in the late 2005. He debuted with several releases and approached ambitiously the art of mixing sounds. After the highly anticipated third album, The Amfa, was released, by which Tomas had set new standards, he showed his wide range in the electrohouse genre. This talented DJ played in the best Lithuanian clubs, his voice and his works are playing on the best Lithuanian radio stations and his cooperation with other performers, are endless. Now he's coming to show off his skills in Cape Town on the 17th of December at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock.
I believe this is an event not to be missed, so get your tickets at Computicket now and be a part of one of the biggest parties Cape Town has seen in a long time!


Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Friday and I...

... really enjoyed the bloggers get-together on Wednesday evening. The feedback everyone has given, was very positive, so let's do it again. Next time we make sure every Capetonian blogger is there.
... am probably the ONLY blogger, who also attended that event, not actually doing a special blog post about it. But I'll say this, I won a wonderful book that evening called, A Million Miles from Normal.
... have three working days left, then I'm off on a month long holiday.
... love NoMU's December pin-up, Beatnik Bazaar. If you haven't entered yet, you're losing out on the chance to win fat prizes! Go to Engen on Orange and get your pose on. I did.
... have two social events lined up this weekend. Can't believe I'm actually getting paid to party.
... learned that Facebook and Twitter are my friends. Oh, and Google Analytics. Thank you for that Vicky!
... am so hungry. Luckily my sister is on her way to me with McDonalds. Yummy!
... have the most fucked-up love life you can ever imagine! Just had to put it out there in case it wasn't already pretty obvious.
... need to get back into an exercise routine, but how is that possible with the holidays literally around the corner?
... find this rather strange: I update the details on my car insurance and notify them of my new address, thinking that my premiums would go down seeing that I live in an up market area with security. Turns out, according to their claims history, that area is 'high risk', so now I pay a shit load on car insurance. So much for honesty!
... by accidentally ordered a lamb! I asked for 'one', but with that I meant 'one kilo'. We'll be having a braai every night for the next month.
... don't even know how to prepare leg-of-lamb. Time to find out.
... am going to eat now. My sister's here with the foooood.

Happy Friday! I am in holiday mode and haven't been productive in days!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fabulous Find!

It's been weeks since I last came across something fabulous, but this find sure exceeds fabulosity! I'm sure you're all familiar with Durban-based jewellery designer, Genevieve Motley, and very often I also find myself devouring all her lovely things, but it was her latest designs that earned her a spot right here.

How beautiful are these silver plated chains with anchor and swallow charms? I love it and I want it. Now.

This is my favourite one!

If you like it too, e-mail Genevieve or visit her online shop - use code 1161 for the above jewellery. Here some more wonderful things I found while browsing the online shop. How does one choose? I want it all.
The creative Genevieve Motley never seems to disappoint. I love how she just feeds my bird obsession.

Go on my lovelies, it's almost Christmas. A good excuse to shop!

(Images found here)

Our Wild Housewarming!

For weeks I've been blogging and tweeting about either house-hunting, furniture shopping, the count-down to the big move and then the housewarming! Well, what a housewarming it was! Friday night we had about 40 of our closest friends over (it could be more... I lost count) to celebrate our 'big step' of independence. Everything was going great, until someone whipped out a beer funnel. Uh oh! Not knowing exactly what it was or how to use it, I wasn't going to leave it over to the imagination. Oh no, definitely not. We didn't put beer in it, but everything else we could find. Curiosity sure as hell almost killed the cat!

Because we don't have our couches yet, we have a big open space which we turned into a dancefloor. Even our neighbours, who happened to be a group of girls too, also joined the party. Even though our place was left in a terrible state, our alcohol was finished, our microwave's inside was covered in cheese and our carpets completely ruined, we had so much fun! Thank goodness we decided on paper plates and plastic cups for the evening! Definitely one of the wildest housewarmings I've been to in a while. Never again. At least, not at our place!

My sister, cheering me on.

I'm sad and relieved that the funnel broke.

Making sure she doesn't waste a drop!

Even our cousin couldn't miss out on this one!

Me with my cousin

If we're gonna go with plastic and paper, we might as well make sure it's cute.

The next morning we opened our gifts - and boy, did we get gifts - and saw that we also got a nice blow-up portable pool. Needless to say, we blew it up immediately, filled it with water and got in the pool, clothes and all. Then the party started all over again. I knew if I stopped drinking, I would pass out, because I didn't sleep at all Friday night.
I've never laughed as much as I did that day! I was on a roll with my jokes, voices and impersonations.

Saturday was spent mostly in our mini-pool, but eventually decided that our place needs cleaning and so do we! The day was ended off with housewarming number two, but luckilly only a quiet(ish) braai with family and close friends. Thank you again to everyone who joined the celebration with us and thank you for all our gifts! We got (almost) everything we needed! We're about 80% settled in. Painting is in progress, then we can finally hang the curtains, paintings and mirrors, then those carpets and then we can start enjoying our little pozzy! Phew, hard work, but it's going to be worth it.


Monday, December 6, 2010

A Mid-Week All White Party!

Dressing like a virgin really isn't my forte, but standing out in a crowd is. We were glowing with our all white attire and luminous accessories at a recent party my sister and I attended. It really is so hard to hold back on the drinking and partying in the middle of the week, especially because the 'big move' was taking place that following day. Our so-called solution? "Let's go without sleep and just go big tonight. If we're going to be hungover, let's at least make it worth it". Clever, really really clever. Point and case here is, we had a blast and definitely created a stir. We came home with no accessories, Poncho stains, a bruise and very little memory of it all.

Thank goodness for evidence  blackmail material  photos to refresh our memory.

Me and my partner-in-crime, Lieschen. Our lovely dresses are from Young Designers Emporium.

Pictured here with the birthday girl, Demi Moore.

Our awesome gal-pals!

What would a 21st birthday celebration be without those embarrassing speeches?

Funky cocktails on arrival!

Where the camera was, so were we.

My sister and I even painted our nails white.

Definitely my favourite photo of the night. All of us look completely wasted.

I have no idea who this guy is, but at least we had one thing in common...

Then we just danced the night away!

Happy 21st birthday, Demi - it's her birthday today! Have a fabulous day and year ahead! Please don't take me partying with you tonight. I don't think I'll survive another drunk night or hangover at work. Then again, it is Tequila Tuesday. Oh boy, rubber arm!


Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Friday and I...

... almost totally forgot to do my 'Friday post'.
... moved into a house two days ago. What a mess the previous tenants left it in! Disgusting. But we're settled in and couldn't be happier.
... am having so many friends over tonight for the housewarming and another housewarming tomorrow night for the family. Oh dear, this should be fun.
... hope not to get kicked out, but party we shall do.
... have made the weirdest decisions in my life, but you know what, because of it I never a have a dull moment. Ever.
... am craving food which is smothered in garlic. Ooh, cream cheese too!
... am attending a wedding in JHB next weekend. I haven't been to a wedding or JHB in ages, so I'm really looking forward to it.
... want a puppy!
... wanna know, do you want to have a Summer party in my basement?
... am so in love with Justin Bieber and Usher's new song, Somebody to Love. I just can't get enough of it!
... thought my Bieber-fever was cured. Guess not.
... am not looking forward to our house being repainted next week. What an inconvenience, but at least the whole place will look neat and clean and fresh!
... want to go home and get this weekend started.

Happy Friday!! I'm off to have myself a great party.