Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crazy Craving - I'm worse than a pregnant woman!

Gym might be very kind to my hips, but let me tell ya, it does nothing for my appetite! It just sends it through the roof and makes me crave shit like you won't believe!! It just hits me. Out of nowhere.

My current craving is eggs. Scrambled and covered in Aromat - bring on the MSG! Then I need soft, yellowish avo drenched in vinegar. Topped with rocket. Oh and throw in some pastry-anything in there and deepfry something!

Go away craving please, because if I DO give in, I'm afraid the weird combination will do some permanent damage!

Fabulous Find!

Opposite the beautiful beach of Gordon's Bay and next door to pubs, lies a really bizarre, not your average, bookstore. When you set foot inside, you actually realise that the store had to be a house once upon a time. With passages and doors leading you from the one room to the next, surrounded by books stacked to the roof, it was so easy to get lost in there - literally and figuratively! Every single book you've ever heard about, every single book you've ever read and every single book you've ever wanted, lies under that roof.

I feel so sad that all the books there are for sale for a ridiculous price, because it must've taken ages to build up that collection. If you're a book-lover, you will think that 'ol bookstore is the mother of all libraries.

I'm not really big on reading (apart from reading magazines), but I couldn't leave such a legendary place empty-handed! So I bought a book with the idea that it would be a suvenir, but I ended up buying a book that every girl should own. The Fabulous Find for today is a book called How to Walk in High Heels – The Girl's Guide to Everything. It doesn't literally teach you how to walk in high heels, because that's a quality you're born with, but it's a fun, straight-forward, hilarious encyclopaedic catalogue of how to live modern life to the full! Call it a reference book if you must. It teaches a girl anything from playing poker, to climbing out of a car in a mini skirt, tackling lobster in a restaurant, changing a tyre - you name it!

Gals, do yourself a favour and get this book! If you Google it, a list of pages will pop up and give you more info, reviews and online websites where you can buy it. It also makes a great gift and you can even pass it on to your daughters!


Christina Aguilera - it keeps getting better!

The 90's will always be remembered for the 'fros, rap breaking into the music scene and the whole pop explosion that took place. Oh and I was so behind that pop explosion! I had all the CD's (and tapes!) of the Backstreet Boys, Madonna, Venga Boys, Britney Spears, 'N Sync, Aqua and Christina Aguilera. I'm so glad to see that most of these artists are still around today even if some of them lost the plot a bit.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I still love Britney and my favourite is still Christina Aguilera! I have all their CD's, DVD's, live shows and perfumes - I'm such a nerd! Christina has the rarest and goose-bump-worthy talent out there and I just love how she keeps reinventing herself. She went from the innocent girl in Genie in a Bottle, to the wild woman in Moulin Rouge, to the dirrty phase, to the 1950's pin-up girl, then the apparent Lady Gaga look, to being a mommy and now back to the glam goddess. This woman really likes to keep her fans on the edge of their chairs! She changes her look so much, that it's often hard to recognise her, but I guess that leaves room for role-playing with her and Jordan. I mean, is it Lady Gaga or Marilyn Monroe or Katy Perry? Though there are some resemblances at times, I don't believe Christina is a copy-cat. If she's copying another artist's style, they should take it as a compliment!

I will always remain a loyal fan, because in my eyes, Christina can do no wrong. Her style is so sexy, yet she does it tastefully and with class. Her music career, marriage and parenting skills are all successful, and you'll never catch her without underwear! Britney, Paris and Lindsay, are you taking notes?

What do you think of Christina's transformations over the years and which is your favourite? I love her 1950's pin-up girl look and I'm really looking forward to whatever she's planning next!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coveted Couture!

Of the many things that have made a comeback this winter, I would have to say grey nail polish and name necklaces are my favourite! With any fashion-first, I'll let everyone else try it while I observe from the corner, but it didn't take me too long to be a victim of this trend too. In fact, it didn't take much persuasion at all!

I usually hate fashion comebacks for three reasons: one, I had that exact item five years ago, when it was a quarter of the current price, and it would've been considered vintage now! And, two, clothes don't really change that much when it comes from the 80's to haunt us. As in, no reinvention. Three, why should there even be a comeback? There's probably a reason it didn't stay in fashion. Attention designers, stylists and buyers, think of some fresh vogue for the next season!

There are exceptions with comebacks, but glitter pants, shoulder-pads and flower hats aren't one of them. To think grey was previously considered sombre, conventional or restrained in style and avoided showiness. But now, now we wear grey nail polish, grey boots, grey jackets, grey leggings and grey eye-shadow! Oh how bold we have become. Just vivaciously fabulous! I did my nails last night and my colour is actually called 'Dove grey'. What do you think?

Then name necklaces, I thought, were reserved for only for Carrie Bradshaw and Christina Aguilera, but not anymore it aint! It's definitely a one-size-fits-all fashion! I don't know if I'd hang my name around my neck (...stepping back into my corner, observing, hoping someone would break the ice...), but I'd definitely go for phrases, a word (like the 'love' one I bought) or even an initial.

Ooh, speaking of initials, visit Being Brazen's blog and enter her name necklace giveaway! I really want this one BB!


(Images: writer's own)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Twilight Twaddle - save me!

So D-day is almost here for the Twi-hards, though, I’m not feeling the love. I’m probably the only person walking this earth right now who isn’t hooked on Twilight. I must admit, I haven’t even watched it (apart from the trailers and interviews being shoved in my face), but I somehow feel that it’s not going to make a difference. This is my opinion (followed by your repugnance, I’m sure): it’s a vampire movie minus the blood, the horror that cultivates when the sun sets, hearts being ripped from chests, brutal devours, underground night clubs or crazy sex. In other words, nothing like From Dust till Dawn, I am Legend or True Blood, which is a total shame, because that’s the shit vampire movies are made of. Then I’ve also heard it’s a ‘romantic movie’ to which I will be ‘crying my eyes out’. Excuse me! I don’t want to be crying when I watch teenagers’ love-triangle unfold, because if I did, I would just watch 10 Things I hate about you for the 16th time. Twilight is a vampire movie, so I want to see the old-fashioned vampire stuff that haunts me in my dreams for weeks thereafter. How can pretty vamps possibly haunt me? I want to watch a real vampire movie that will have me convinced they exist. And I want to be scared of getting a papercut!

Then, I’m not really a fan of the tan-less Robert Pattinson, Kirsten Steward or Taylor Lautner, because they fall in the same league as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and High School Musical, which would’ve been appropriate if I was 16 years old. Besides, who are these actors anyway? Who were they before Twilight? No one. I believe an overnight success will go as quickly as it came. Remember how in love you were with Harry Potter? I rest my case.

To me, Twilight is a tween phenomenon that doesn’t really have me convinced it's worth watching. Usually I’d give any new craze a chance and see what the fuss is about, then move on. But in this case, there's no ‘moving on’, because there’s Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. Where will the madness end?

I’m not against ‘team Edward’ or ‘team Jacob’; I’m just pro-proper-vampire-movies! I guess it sounds too much like a chick-flick for me to care. And there's nothing like a chick-flick to insult my intelligence.

(Image found here)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Civilized South Africa!

I tried to restrain myself, but it was only a matter of time before a blog post would feature soccer, though there is something I need to get off my chest. Ok, so it's not entirely about soccer (because my knowledge is limited), but more of South Africa. I'm so glad the Soccer World Cup is taking place right here! I thought it was going to be an embarrassment for our country, because I didn't have faith in our people. I didn't think we'd pull it off, and, instead I thought tourists would be raped, murdered or robbed. I mean, come on, we don't really have a good track record when it comes to crime (and my mirror socks were stolen)! 

Well, I take back every negative thought I had, because we're halfway through and things are running smoothly! Everything is about soccer, whether you like it or not. It is so pleasant to pick up a newspaper and not see 'murder', 'blood' or 'corruption' in the headlines - everything is just about soccer. There is one thing I did see in the newspaper that didn't really come as a shock. A foreigner was quoted as saying "I didn't know South Africa was so civilized". Well duh!

So here is the part I would like to get off my chest (and listen up foreigners!): We are more than just civilized! South Africa is a beautiful country with even more beautiful, talented, PROUD people! There are more to SA than the Big 5, Table Mountain or Nelson Mandela. We use money, that we work for, when we buy things in malls, restaurants or boutiques. We even use a currency called 'rand'. Now I bet you didn't see that one coming, because somewhere you read that we trade with cattle. Just like our water, our milk is safe to drink - and it's delicious! Then let me not go into the wines we make, among other things! We live in houses (the wealthier ones in mansions) and we have things like satellite TV, designer clothes, dishwashers and washing machines. We even have our own actors, models, fashion designers, singers and reality TV shows; homebrewed. Shocked yet? Well, then I probably shouldn't tell you that we have cars parked in our garages, and it's cars like BMW, Mercedes and 4X4's. We don't run around barefeet with our babies tied to our backs. We don't have wild animals parading through our streets. The women are not topless, unless the price is right. And lastly, the majority of us don't live in poverty with AIDS and have our men hunt during the day.

See, we're pretty (and) normal on this side of the world. It might not be Vegas, but we also party and get drunk - some more than others.

Again, I'm so proud the Soccer World Cup is happening right here, because it's a chance to prove ourselves, a chance to finally put South Africa on the map once and for all, and a chance for the world to open its eyes.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fabulous Find!

What started out as something to keep me entertained and out of trouble, has turned into a total addiction! Blogging is what I'm talking about people! Joining the bloggers-ring and Twitter all in the same month, might lead me to taking over cyberspace real soon.

But before I do that, my boyfriend and I are prepping our new place for the housewarming happening this weekend. Now that we've finally filled up all the empty spaces, and fixed what the previous excuse for a man couldn't do, we need to do something about the blank walls! I was browsing the faithful Google this morning in search of art, but it can't be just any art. It has to be something that reflects me. Yes me. The boyfriend's opinion on art is that it has to be a scenery or panorama setting, and it has to be in a frame. Urgh, how very 90's of him! So choosing something that reflects me seems impossible (and it is!), but that's why I've chosen to go with abstract art on a canvas. Everybody has their opinion of what they think they're seeing and it doesn't have to make sense.

I found the above images on this website, and, while I'm saving up for these 'investments', it sure as hell deserves a spot in the Fabulous Finds in the mean time!  I love the green (or olive as the artists call it) palette knife painted canvasses! I've attempted the abstract painting before, with a normal brush I might add, and it doesn't look too bad (it actually hangs in our guest room). But painting with a knife? I thought those are used for spreading butter, cutting food or emergency screwdrivers...


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One day, Kimora....ONE DAY

So I'm sitting here at my boring, dusty, cluttered desk and typing on a black, even dustier, coffee stained keyboard (the Vivienne is resting), when I actually should be in Canal Walk at the Baby Phat store hanging out with Kimora Lee Simmons! Everyone who knows me, KNOWS I love the Queen of Fabulosity, so when I heard she's in our beautiful SA, I almost died. Ok, not really, but you catch my drift. THEN, Cosmopolitan held a competition where ONE lucky bitch will get to meet her and they'll throw in a Baby Phat goodie bag. Helloooo!

I entered a million times and I was SO SURE Cosmopolitan will contact me and give me the great news. I had even planned how I would go into serious debt to ensure I'm covered in Baby Phat! I mean, I can't be caught wearing anything else when I meet her. What a slap in the face that would be!

Well, as I said, I'm sitting here and blogging, which means I didn't win. Obviously. I hope the bitch who won falls and breaks her nose lucky girl who won, enjoys it on behalf of all the other Kimora fans out there!


Being Brazen and Miss Molly Giveaway!

In case you were wondering why no giveaways featured on my blog recently, don't worry, I came across a very cool comp on Being Brazen's blog! Behold, a floral skirt giveaway. It might sound like a bit of an anti-climax, because, what is a simple skirt with floral prints nogal? Well, I love clothes, I love skirts and if I can get a custom made one FREE, then heck, I'm so entering! I will rock this piece of à la mode. Just wait and see.

Visit this marvellous lady's blog and enter!

Thanks Being Brazen and Miss Molly for yet another giveaway. Now come on, let miss JJ win something!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Party like it's 1950

Some days I want to be a writer and some days I want to be an events coordinator. Though I've been leaning more towards writing these days, a healthy switch was needed. So when there were talks of my friend wanting to do something different for her 30th birthday party, I fervently volunteered and took control of all the party arrangements!

There was some debate as to what the theme would be, but after I had a 1950's photo shoot, we were all in love with the vintage glamour from back then. Even though I did look forward to my first suggestion, 'Bollywood Nights', I must admit, a 1950's theme is very unique. But beware, I am just a tan away from a belly-dancing costume!

After a few weeks of planning - venue choices, food, champagne, invite design, decor, managing the guest list and deciding what to wear - it finally all came together on Saturday, June 19th.

The English crowd is really different to the Afrikaans crowd (now I know that for a fact). They are way more conservative when it comes to dressing up, they drink less and they don't dance. At all. Oh, and they leave early, at least, earlier than what is accepted on a Saturday night! Even though everyone didn't dress up (sorry, a simple hat doesn't cut it), I'm glad I made an effort and I thoroughly enjoyed all the confusing stares I got from the non-guests.

Overall the evening was a success. Everyone pitched, brought gifts, wore pearls, gloves and feathers, danced (only the Afrikaners) and had fun! We made friends, bumped into old ones and discovered more alter-egos (hopefully Genevieve won't start blogging too)!

One event down, one hundred more to go (then only I can call myself 'experienced').


(Images: writer's own)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Peek into my life - Part 2

I haven't gone onto Facebook lately, because, between blogging and tweeting (and a little work somewhere in between), I hardly have spare time on my hands. But when I actually did decide to finally update my status and see what my friends' kids look like (wedding and baby albums are completely taking over cyberspace), I saw a childhood friend had posted photos of me from when I was still innocent a tiny 12-year old. While gazing at the photos, it just took me back to my childhood and really made me miss, what now seems like, the times of yore! I'm a real nostalgic person and often long for the good 'ol days. Not that there's anything wrong with the present, but I just had a such a great childhood that I often find myself wanting to revive it.

We weren't extremely wealthy, but I had everything I needed (and 'need' is more important than 'want'). Both parents were still alive and married, and still is to this day, and I have a sister. Back then we never got along and always tried to either get each other in some deep trouble or kill each other! But today things have changed completely. Like a total 180, but we look back and have some good laughs!

We lived in a big house with lots of pets (I'm to blame - I couldn't ignore a stray animal), attended a normal school and played with all the kids in the street. Back then we still played outside, got our feet dirty and our knees scraped. Stuff like DSTV, Playstation, Wii, cell phones, ipods or social networking sites didn't exist! I think all the technology and gadgets available today, that is supposed to make our lives more convenient, are responsible for the fat and lazy youth of today. Kids, if you're reading this, go outside and get on your bike, skateboard or rollerblades. Take your dogs for a walk or chase the neighbourhood kids with funny worms!

My high school years were the best years of my life! So far, at least. Back then I could party without drinking, I didn't need to wear make-up, boyfriends changed like my moods and I was thin, naturally. There isn't much I would change if I could do the whole thing over, just simply relive it. I wasn't one of the nerds or the sporting heroes, instead, I was the popular one who took part in everything - from debate, to cheerleading, to pageants to even being a prefect! Generally, I was a good girl (oh how things have changed) and the worst thing my parents ever found in my school bag was book of poorly written songs.

I also had the perfect grandparents! In the movies you see chubby healthy grandparents that live on a farm far away, who can do anything from baking to knitting to killing a spider with their bare hands. Well, I had that exactly. Let's not even go into my lovely family (especially my cousins), because I can write a book on all the great memories! Maybe a teensy peek in the next blog...

Now you know even more about me and a little about my past. Baby steps, like they say.

Yolandi (today I feel like being myself) x

(Images: writer's own)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fabulous Find!

While I was browsing Kim Gray's blog for my morning fashion fix, I came across some űber stunning dresses and blouses. I'm not one for girly frills, but I couldn't help but fall in love with the clothes. I like, I want!

The items pictured here are my favourite, but there are many to choose from! Spool No 72 is the clothing company that sell these amazing stuff. If you love standing out from the crowd or have a unique dress sense, do yourself a favour and browse the online store. I promise you'll find some must-haves that you'll want to get your hands on!

Just like the clothes, I'm keeping this blog entry short and sweet.
Can anyone say 'retail therapy'?  Happy shopping!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Fabulous Find!

I have been without inspiration for the last few days and I was scared that, should I dare blog, it would be about soccer. I am surrounded by a sea of yellow Bafana Bafana supporter's gear and the overpowering sound of the vuvuzela's. Even though it's a breathtaking vibe we've got going here in South Africa, I'd like to escape the whole soccer madness for a bit. And today will be the day.

In an attempt to distract myself, I searched Google for useful things encouragement to get over my writer's block. I somehow came across cupcakes and, after a persuasive craving and a long drool, decided that this will be my Fabulous Find! I've always been very fond of cupcakes, not only for its delicious taste, but for its versatility. There is so much you can do with this beautiful piece of fodder and the variety of recipes is endless. I've baked coconut, choc-chip, strawberry, vanilla, blueberry and fudge cupcakes in the past, but the best part is how you can play around with the decorations. Sugar paste isn't everyone's friend - hell, I don't always have the patience for tiny detail - but if you can master it, you can make some darn good cupcakes! I've seen ones that are too good to eat. Ones that you want to frame instead!

I don't know how the baker did it, but this is the most delectable and lip-smacking picture of a cupcake I've seen in a long time. And I've seen 'em all!

This cupcake-talking is really putting me in some strange baking mood. Wait. The dishes and cleaning that comes with gastronomy had just put me off. Sigh.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Peek into my life - Part 1

So my slogan on my blog promises to give you a peek into my life, yet I haven't given you much carte blanche thus far. I've been told that 'blogging is supposed to be about your life, something personal', but to me blogging is just a way to keep me from talking to myself. I'm really just your average girl who wishes she could make it big somehow, someday. I'm someone who is still on the road of discovering my talents and my true self. There are days when I want to be famous and live the high life, but also days when I'm determined to climb the corporate ladder and make my mark in the corporate world instead. But there are also days when I'm completely demotivated and just live for the next weekend or pay check. I'm sometimes hard to understand or to make myself clear, because I don't do 'tact', I hate gray areas and I'm the most straight-forward and outspoken person I know. I'm more blunt than Larry King and Simon Cowell put together. That's why my friends love me, because I'll tell them when they look fat in that jean, when they should've worn less make-up or when it's time for an eyebrow pluck! There's a fine line between honesty and being a bitch, and I know never to overstep. I love writing, because it's one of the few times where I have to think before I speak. I proofread it a thousand times and edit over and over before I post my blogs. I also love writing, because I don't need to face anyone. If I have to say sorry, moan about something, ask for something or need advice, I'll send you an e-mail. Ask my friends. I also consider myself a closet-comedian. I love being the life of the party, the one who the limelight is on and the one making you fall off your chair laughing.

Underneath the sexy-but-tough illusion I often create, hides a sensitive sole. I have a really big heart and I dote on my family - they are small, but they are my everything! My best friends are like the older sisters I never had; I love them. I have a boyfriend who I consider to be the love of my life and I know the 'big bling' will come in time. I'm the one who cries when I see a hungry or abused animal or when I see an elderly person suffering. When I cry, I'll do it alone when no one is watching, because I don't like expressing my emotions. I don't have a psychological problem; I just don't like being a retard in front of people. Besides that, I'm ugly when I cry! I pull my mouth, my face goes red and tears even stream out of my nose. That's how I do it. Properly.

I'm also not the type of girl who has a list of hobbies, because doing the same thing over and over will bore me to death. I love painting, scrapbooking, knitting (at times), cooking (these days), reading, writing, crafts, arranging parties and even taking photos (loves it), but these are things I do when I have some spare time. My time are spent at work, working at home, spent with my family and friends, with my bunnies, sleeping, practising the art of cooking and social networking. And somewhere in between I have time to enter competitions. Totally hooked on it! I love to party (especially if it has a dress-up theme) and socialise, meeting new people, trying new drinks, karaoke and I'm the queen of the dancefloor. If it weren't for hangovers, I would spend my days drinking champagne and coffee-tequila.

I hope I painted a clearer picture of myself and my life. Useless information to you, 'blogging' to others.


(Pictures: writer's own)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Winter is officially in Cape Town. Ok, it has been winter for the past month or so, but I say 'officially' because I don't remember the last time I wanted to be outside or even near a window for that matter. Nor do I remember the last time I saw the sun, had a dry nose, wore just one layer of clothing, walked around bare feet, had frizzy-free hair or when sleep wasn't the most important thing. I must admit, winter is great for movie-marathons, taking long baths, lots of eating and even a good excuse to skip gym. Oh and of course, winter is when I get to celebrate my birthday!

Even though summer reminds me of a December holiday at the beach, nothing gives you a natural high like sitting by a fireplace, wrapped in a blanket, and watching the rain pour down outside. And there's nothing like visiting my grandma in Ceres and seeing the white mountain tops from up close. To me, winter represents peace and beauty, nature at its best.

Which is your favourite season?


Monday, June 7, 2010

Fabulous Find!

It hasn't even been 3 days, yet, I've come across another Fabulous Find!
Thanks to another sexy blogger, Cape Town Girl I have won myself some NoMU spices. I'm not big on cooking, nor do I really care what spices I use, but the NoMU spices have taken cooking to a whole different level! As in, changed the way I feel about it. Forever.

The founder of NoMU, Tracy Foulkes, was a vegetarian and wanted to start a very unique delicatessen here in Cape Town. Because no meat would be featured in her range, that meant 'no cow', and when there's no cow, there's 'no moo'. Get it? The spelling changed to NoMU which is so much cooler fitting for the twenty-first century.

The NoMU range is organic, proudly South African and delicious! I've cooked with the Tomato & Herb Stir and it was so good that the boyfriend wanted seconds - but I beat him to it. It's really easy to make: Just add water and olive oil to the NoMU spices and voila, instant pesto! It kinda made me feel like I made it from scratch, which just made me look so impressive in the kitchen! You can then add that pesto to a pasta, stir fry or use as a dipper or spread. There are no rules, so you get to play around and experiment with your dishes. Believe me, you cannot mess it up! NoMU brings out all the flavours in your food instead of overpowering it.

Don't hold back if you're going to buy it, because there is a HUGE range to choose from - anything from dips, to vanilla, to stock, to hot chocolate. It can be ordered online and it is a bit pricier than your average spice, but NoMU simply cannot be compared to anything else out there. You have to try it.

All this food-talking is making me hungry! Mmm!
I wonder which one I'll cook with tonight...


Giveaway on Kim Gray's website

Ah, competitions! My life would be boring without it.
One of my favourite bloggers-slash-stylist is Kim Gray and one of the reasons I love her so much, is her cool giveaways! This time she's running a competition to win these limited edition D&G aviators, which were espesially designed for the SWC. While everybody else is blowing their Vuvuzelas, I'll watch upon thy wearing these fab shades.

I'm not a huge soccer fan, but I've got my SA mirror socks to show my support for my country. I just find it so amazing spectacular when I see all the cars driving around with their mirror socks and wavin' flags - from the taxi's to the BMW's. What a proud moment it will be when the foreign visitors come and see this too.

Back to the competition. Thank you Kim Gray for this wonderful giveaway and thank you to the experts at Dolce & Gabbana for bringing fashion to soccer.

*crossing fingers and toes*

Image and comp found here

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fabulous Find!

Every blog I've ever come across has had some uniqueness to it, things like a joke of the day, new things they've learnt, current addictions (ala Being Brazen) or fashion spreads (ala Kim Gray). That's why I decided my blog should have something different, something cool, something that's not restricted to one topic. Behold, the Fabulous Find! Ever so often I'll blog about something I found either online, in the shops, in the streets, in the clubs, a new discovery, a person, wonderful food, art... anything, anywhere. A 'find' that's worthy of stopping traffic.

My first attempt at a fabulous find are these Jimmy Choo's. Speechless.

If you're willing (or stupid enough) to spend thousands on shoes, these babies can be yours. Me? Blogging about Jimmy Choo's is about the closest I'll get to owning a pair. The price ranges from anything between R15 000 up to R30 000 and I'm sure there are pricier ones if you look hard enough. I'm a shoe-addict and most of my fabulous finds will probably be about shoes which I will never be able to afford in this lifetime (or the next one).

Ok, pricetags aside, what do you think? Aren't they just, uhm, well, there are no words, really.

You can close your mouth now.

Win on Being Brazen's Blog

Say the words 'competition', 'win' or 'giveaway', and you've got my attention! Getting things I didn't expect, like a prize, makes me feel like it's my birthday (minus the ageing part). Bonus!

Thanks to the lovely Being Brazen, who so often grabs my attention with her amazing blog and comps, I get to enter another one of her fab giveaways!

I'm a complete softie when there are freebies involved and, even though I don't always get to win, I still enter! Which is exactly what I did on her blog.

This time she's giving away a pair of semi-hooped earings featuring cute little leaves, which are made of silver plated matte 18K gold finish. Nice one girl!

Once again, holding thumbs, tightly.

Go on and enter - you know you want to.
Image and comp found here