Friday, August 27, 2010

My Vintage Photo Shoot!

A while ago I won a photo shoot, yes won, but I was really hesitant at going because I'm not a schmodel. But the photographer convinced me in doing a themed photo shoot, so we decided to do a 1950's vintage shoot. I love playing dress-up and getting into character, so that was total fun! I finally got the pics and, even though I'm not totally impressed with the results, I still think the pictures came out nice. Yes, just nice and worth sharing.

So in love with this dress!
This is one of my favourite shots!
This suitcase belonged to my grandmother, so, it's another genuine vintage piece.

These were shot in a Nature Reserve on a Winter's day!
This dress is also a genuine vintage dress, a vintage wedding dress to be precise!

In happier days!
Costumes by Annie's Wardrobe and photography by Vladia Bajerovska.



  1. You look great, like the old school look ;)

  2. You make the 1950's look good!

  3. Thank you everybody! And @Being Brazen, I loved that dress so much, I didn't want to take it back...

  4. The pink dress and pearls combo is fantastic!