Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Friday and I...

... would like to wish my sister a happy belated birthday! You are going to die when you see your gift!
... am looking forward to her pool party tomorrow! Which bikini to wear?
... just went shopping! Aldo and YDE are my guilty pleasures.
... am in the best mood ever because of my 'little' retail therapy session.
... have one week left to get in shape. Major photo shoot happening, as you know, and I can't look kak.
... wouldn't have had to worry about crash diets if I just went to gym everyday and weren't so addicted to bread and cheese! Anybody else share my problem?
... have a dinner-date with my bff tonight. Wonder where she's taking me.
... must wear my new dress tonight, where ever it is we're going.
... love Alexis Jordan! She is my favourite artist right now! Why doesn't Musica have her album?
... didn't go home empty handed from Musica. Got Rihanna's new album!
... have a hair appointment tomorrow. Going lighter. I guess blondes do have more fun.
... am addicted to Glaceau Vitamin Water!
... will attempt gardening on Sunday. There's no way that my garden can turn out looking worse!

Happy Friday and have fabulous weekend! One week left till my big photo shoot! Most things are in place. I can't wait to share those behind-the-scenes with you and, especially, the end results!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Behind the Scenes of Taxi Violence's new Music Video!

Recently I had the privilege to appear in yet another music video! The video for 'Heads or Tails' by SA rock band, Taxi Violence, were shot on different locations in Observatory over a period of two days. The concept behind the video is very creative, almost like a short story! In a nutshell, it's about a man who wakes up and something terrible happens in his day, then he gets the chance to relive that day over and over. Every morning he gets up a few seconds earlier, which results in the day playing out, and ending, differently each time. Yes, this has been done before in movies, but squeezing an entire story line into a 5min music video, is a challenge. So, just like the title of the song suggests, the day could turn out good or bad. It's heads or tails.

I have a small part in 'day one and two'. In the first scene, 'day one', the guy, who plays the lead, walks pass me on the street. We smile at each other and turn around to quickly flirt. Another guy on a bike, the stuntman, rides passed us, looks at my legs and drives into a lamp pole and falls off his bike. I don't see this, because my eye contact is elsewhere. My character is not that different from me, see? In the next scene, 'day two', we walk down the street again, pass each other and briefly make eye contact, but this time the lead isn't wearing his watch. So he stops the guy on the bike to ask for the time. I walked passed them and because of that, the guy doesn't drive into the pole because he is no longer distracted. The lead also doesn't get to flirt, because by the time he looks up, I'm already around the corner.

Even though this will probably show for 15 seconds in the music video, it was a 2 hour job. I probably walked up and down that street 120 times on heels! The poor actor who plays the lead role had to smoke almost an entire packet of cigarettes for his roll and the stunt man, well, I'm sure he experienced some degree of pain.

My scenes were shot early in the day and after that, I left. So unfortunately no photos of the other scenes or of the band, Taxi Violence. But here are some behind the scenes pictures for you:

I arrived at 07h30. Before I sat for hair and make-up, I quickly took some pics of the very first scene.

Getting prepped for my scene.

Talking to the director, Ryan Kruger, about the video and concept.

Finally, we start filming. Action! Up and down we go.

Camera positions change to capture different angles.

There was even a part where I had to act as if I'm flirting with the other actor BUT he wasn't there! So it's kinda challenging flirting with a wall and then pretending to be all in to it. It's some camera trick which will make sense once I see the end result. Overall it was yet another great experience and even my first attempt at acting. I felt a bit intimidated and pressured, yet, so comfortable and at home. This is what I should be doing for a living!

Ryan Kruger, who also directed the Parlotones music video I was in, is an award winning director and I can't wait to see him work his magic!


(Images: writer's own. Please do not use without permission)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fabulous Find: For the Lingerie Lovers!

Just when I thought I haven't made any new or fabulous discoveries, I find an online sex toys and lingerie shop which I have to share with you! You might have heard of them before or even seen their exhibitions at SEXPO. It's none other than Matilda's.

Whether you have a lingerie fetish or would like to spice up your sex life, there is something for everyone. So go online shopping here and they'll send it to you via a courier service, very discretely of course. These are some of my favourite items:

Matilda's: "We simply love this sultry black satin corset top. You can go from dinner to the bedroom in this stylish satin and spandex lingerie. The sexy zipper front adds a naughty detail to this classic corset". If you love it too, buy it here.

Matilda's: "Saloon Siren! This devine aqua blue lingerie set is detailed with swiss dot mesh overlay and a stunning corset style lace-up garter belt". They sent this exact sert to me. Like it too? Buy it.

Matilda's: "This neon pink garter dress is perfect for a romantic night in. The classic garter dress is spiced up with a playful polka dot design and a seriously sexy ruffle rhumba back style". Surprise your man and buy it now!

Matilda's: "We simply can't get enough of this super HOT corset. From the lace-up side detailing to the sheer mesh fabric and matching g-string, this is lingerie that begs to be peeled off... slowly". Convinced? Add to cart, then!

Matilda's: "The Irina Corset features a fishnet overlay and devine lace-up ribbon front. The sexy criss-cross back and garter straps makes this one playful, yet provocative, lingerie set". I am so in love with this set! Buy it here.

Matilda's: "We can't think of a more sassy lingerie set than Miss Frisky Kitty. This retro style bra comes with a gorgeously detailed pair of panties". By far the sexiest set of 'em all! Buy it and bring out the animal in you! 

Matilda's: "This seductive lace garter set features a satin padded bra top with a gorgeous lace ruffle trim. The highly erotic garter belt has a daring lace-up front and oh-so-sexy ruffle back detail". Very feminine with a vintage touch. I love it, so let's buy it.

Matilda's: "The flirty pink lace-up detail and matching garter belt accentuate the female form perfectly. We love the sexy fringe detail on the garter belt along with the matching g-string. We would highly recommend this lingerie set for a night where you want show your lover how much of a goddess you truly are". And I recommend you get your hands on this burlesque-inspired set now!

While doing your online shopping, be sure to browse through all the bedroom gadgets or get some sexy underwear for your man. Who says Valentines Day only has to come once a year?

(All images found on

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Friday and I...

... have got nothing planned for the weekend! Great, because I need to catch up on some sleep.
... should go jogging too!
... will probably do the weekly mani- and pedicure evening at my house tonight with all the girls.
... am shooting another music on Sunday. This time with Taxi Violence.
... will, just like I always do, share all the behind-the-scenes stuff with you. Also look out for tweets and twitpics from me from the location.
... also have a photo shoot in 2 weeks to build-up a kick-ass portfolio. We're shooting at 15 on Orange, Llundadno and POD Boutique Hotel. It's going to be insane, so watch this space!
... am still on the hunt for lingerie and swimwear sponsors for two of the scenes! E-mail me if you'd like to help or need more info.
... don't remember the last time I won something.
... am looking forward to my sister's beach party next weekend!
... am single and loving it, but (im)patiently waiting for my knight in shining armor. (What's taking you so long?)
... am in need of proper wining and dining (followed by retail therapy).
... am happy and relieved that my Cavalli shades have been returned to me, undamaged.
... just realised that 11 years ago I had my first kiss. Wow, that just made me feel really old!
... hope I'm not mistaken, but isn't it Tracy McGregor's birthday today? Happy birthday hun!

Happy Friday! This is my last free weekend for months to come! It's almost too much freedom for me!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Wish I Could be at the Beach Everyday!

I love going to the beach, be it Strand, Gordon's Bay, Blaauwberg, Hermanus or Clifton. I love spending the day in the sun, relaxing on the soft sand while listening to waves break, drinking cocktails and sight seeing. The other day we decided that a day like this, was needed. Overdue.

First stop, drinks and a light meal at Casa de Sol in Strand

Sight seeing...

...and a Sunday drive, are two of my favourite methods of relaxing.

Loads of cocktails and shooters were sent our way.

On the way home we turned the music up loud in the car and opened the windows to get some wind in our hair.

This was a fun day and I'm going to try and do this at least once a week! I strongly recommend. So look out for a group of loud girls at a beach near you...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tickled Pink for Rugby!

Whooo what a hectic couple of days! Planning a photo shoot, squeezing in music videos, spending time with friends and then trying to support the on-again-off-again boyfriend's rugby. So, Saturday I took the girls and we were dressed in pink to support the Boland Cavaliers when they played against the Stormers at Newlands. Though Boland did get their asses whipped really bad (36-6), that didn't stop us girls from having a lot of fun! Even if I don't completely understand rugby, I sure enjoyed the view. Beef Fest anyone?

Mnet and SuperSport were there to catch all the action.

We were taken inside for a tour to see how the production team puts everything together.

Oh, complicated!

The eagle has landed

Boland Cavaliers make their entrance. I love their bus!

We took a stroll before the game started and came across this hobo. I know I shouldn't laugh, but look at his face! I don't know how he does that.

The quintessence of panty-dropper. Damn, I love fast cars.

Ok, so you're probably wondering why I have a picture of Kurt Darren. Well, he's got shares in Boland Cavaliers.  So, he sang during the pre-shows and as I was about to take a picture of him, he grabs my hand and sings to me. Then turns me around for the crowd to see and shoves the mic in my face. Kurt, sorry for not knowing the lyrics to all your songs!

Next thing I know, I'm on the big screen.

Waiting for the game to start!

It was really hard to capture some blur-free action shots!

Thumbs-up indeed, Schalk.

My first live rugby experience wasn't that bad at all. I guess it makes it more interesting when you know half the players...