Friday, May 20, 2011

Dinner at the Chef's Table with Playboy and Tracy McGregor!

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest at the chef's table at Zorgvliet Wine Estate, hosted by Playboy cover girl, Tracy McGregor! The hand-picked guests included the likes of Guess model and Peroni girl, Landi Swanepoel; another Playboy hopeful, Cyndy Stroebel; journalist from the Sondag newspaper, Riaan Bam; Deidre, Karen and Sean, who all work at Playboy SA, and many more!

Upon entering the cellar at Zorgvliet, I walked towards a long, elegantly decorated, table and it just took my breath away. All I could get out was 'wow'. The chefs prepared an absolutely exquisite 5-course meal, with different wines to compliment each meal, which was out of this world. It was such an honour to have a seat next to Tracy, because we spoke a lot and she even shared advice and tips on modelling and the tough industry. Great company, hot girls, great food, great wine... it all just contributed to the night's huge success!

This was the menu for the night:

Tuna Tartare in a Citrus dressing with Parsley, finished with litchi sorbet
Wine: Zorgvliet Sauvignon Blanc 2010

Scallop Ravioli and Butter Poached Crayfish served in a Corn Veloute with Coconut and Lemongrass foam
Wine: Zorgvliet white 2008

Fricassée of Lamb Sweetbreads, Wildfield mushrooms and truffle oil
Wine: Zorgvliet Silver Myn - Pinot Noir 2009

Kudu Wellingtong served on a vanilla and parsnip puree with Wilted Watercress and Clove Jus
Wine: Zorgvliet Shiraz 2004

Spiced Dark Chocolate Mousse with Cassis and Berry Sorbet
Wine: Zorgvliet Pinotage 2005

In between courses, we chatted, enjoyed wine or cucumber water whilst making small talk or enjoying the occasional smoke-break. I am such a fan of the models, Tracy and Landi. Even though they have achieved so much in their careers, they are such awesome, modest, sweet girls. My inspiration. Before I get too carried away, take a look at the pictures instead. This tells the story after all.

I took my cousin along as my date.

Fellow Playboy casting girl, Cyndy Stroebel, and I

Thank you for signing our (or is it your) magazines, Tracy!

Thank you to everyone at Playboy for inviting me to this coveted event! Cheers to yet another successful night.


It's Friday and I...

... hate photo-bombers! Seriously. Who is that guy?
... should hear the outcome from Playboy SA soon!
... had some errors with Blogger, but I'm back online and will still blog about the Playboy dinner at Zorgvliet! Rather late than never!
... am so in love with Lady Gaga's new song, Judas.
... was a judge last night at a local high school for their annual pageant! It was so much fun, but really hard to choose just one! I use to take part in that exact competition back in the day! Memories. Gotta love it.
... feel like a change. So I'm gonna start small by putting highlights in my hair.
... have started a Friday tradition: herbal tea and a salad at Java in Stellenbosch with my cousin. Stellenbosch is my happy place.
... want you to enter the NoMU poster competition! Head to the Engen on Orange, look out for the NoMU poster, do a funky pose next to it (be creative), take a photo and mail it to And voila, Bob's your uncle. ONE person can win some serious prizes. I'm talking R40 000 in prizes. You have 11 days left to enter! Do it. Do it for the pin-up girls and guy who can't enter this awesome competition!
... have been asked to pose for Breast Cancer Awareness again, but this time I'm involving other women too to do a group photo. The message being carried across is 'women supporting each other'.
... have postponed my Johannesburg trip, but I will visit real soon. Promise.
... am back at gym in full swing, doing loads of cardio, weights, stretching, sauna- and yoga sessions! Let's hope the health binge lasts.
... find that if I browse through pictures of hot models, it motivates me to get in shape and it keeps me focussed with my eye set on the prize. Try it.
... am off to indulge in my newest tradition.

Happy Friday folks!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Playboy SA Official Playmate Launch Party!

This passed weekend I attended the official Playmate launch party, held at Vaudeville, Fez. in Cape Town. The night saw loads of entertainment, such as aerial, fire and dance acts, and some of the best DJ's!What a cool party! Loads of hot people, and a famous face here and there, under the same roof. I met some cool people and even some of my Twitter followers, which was awesome. It wasn't long before I moved into the VIP section. Nothing spectacular up there, just a place to sit and loads of free drinks. Overall the night was a success, even though I expected way more skin! I didn't get to dance much, but I partied with my friends, which is always fun! I spotted Tracy McGregor but I have met her a few times before and have many pictures with her, so I didn't bother making a fuss about her this time. I met Playboy's May cover girl, Tshego Seakgoe, and what a stunning girl she is! She's this tiny little glamour queen and very nice!

If it wasn't for my huge group of friends I bumped into over in VIP, the night would've ended early for me. It's one of those parties where you don't know anyone and you know it's not your scene, but you know you have to be there. The hangover was totally worth it!

Let the photos speak for itself.

One section was made up with banners and a couch, then you could go pose with the bunnies. No idea who they are.

Out of all the Cape Town casting girls, I only spotted Chantal Beck. My competition is tough, but I'm wishing all the girls the best of luck.

Me with one of my best friends, Johlene.

Dressed by Cherry on Top

My cousin and I. She studies Law, so it's essential that I take her out every now and then.

I have this thing for pushing out my ass when I pose. It's gotta stop.

I still had my make-up, done by Michelle Dickman, on from the morning's photo shoot. I just added in some purple and also did a brown and bronze eye make-up for my cousin.

Two really awesome friends of mine. Too much Vodka. My eyes are a dead give away.

Two of my gal pals. Celeste (though, for some unknown reason, I call her 'Natasha' when I've had too much to drink) and Natlie (who is also a regular on my blog). Two very cool mommies.

Pictured here with Jan the Giant, a cage fighter! He's been to the Playboy Mansion 3 times, met everyone and even partied with Hugh Hefner on his birthday. I'm totally jealous.

Forget about I drunk and weird I look. This is Miss May, Tshego. She's such a 'real' girl. No hang-ups.

Renaldo and I.

That's it! Awesome night with an awesome hangover and an awesome mom to deal with it on Mother's Day.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Behind the Scenes of my Photo Shoot for Streetfighters Magazine!

A while ago I've been approached to pose for Streetfighters Magazine, a UK based magazine about motorcycles and any information you'll ever need on the World's most extreme performance specials. So this passed weekend I took my MUA of choice, Michelle Dickman, along to the shoot. We had loads of fun and once again, she did an amazing job with my hair and make-up.

I haven't seen the final results of the photos yet, but here are some photos taken behind the scenes to give you an idea. Posing on a bike is not easy, but playing biker-girl, with leather and knee-high boots, was super fun! Obviously the focus is on the bike, which is custom-built, but there'll loads of photos of me with, next to or on top of the bike. If we have the perfect shot, and I definitely think we do, it will be on the cover of the magazine. Otherwise, the 4 to 6 page spread and pull-out poster is more than enough for me!

My outfit

Custom built by Herman Serfontein

Changing the position of the bike for the next set of photos

Michelle on the bike with me!

This was probably one of the most uncomfortable poses I have ever done!

Peeps, keep your eyes peeled for the Streetfighters Magazine on shelves in the near future! I'll get my copy from the UK before it hits SA, but I'll share it with you too. I'm sure the photographer, Naco Rautenbach, will send me the pictures soon. So, there you have it! My first magazine deal and my first international exposure.

Happy Monday folks.