Thursday, January 13, 2011

To all my fellow Hello Kitty Lovers: Check out this madness!

Ever since I can remember, this cute little mouthless Japanese kitten has been around. She goes by the name of 'Hello Kitty'. And ever since I can remember, I've been a fan! Hello Kitty has become such a powerful brand and have joined forces with many other brands and celebrities (MAC make-up, Louis Vuitton and Kimora Lee Simmons) and it's just doomed for world domination. Check out these insane things I found online. Everything from cars, to kitchen appliances, to accessories, to gadgets... they're all covered with the kitty logo. The brand really is just so adorable that I couldn't help falling victim to it.
A fish tank.

A mouse - I love this!

I have this exact bag!

Nail art - no thanks!

Hello Kitty joining forces with Fillico Luxury Water

Hello Kitty gadgets!

Hello Kitty cameras! How cute!
Hello Kitty Flip cams! Damn, I want this!

Hello Kitty car fragrance. This will go perfect with my Hello Kitty steering wheel cover! No, seriously.

Hello Kitty tells time too!

Even a coffee machine! Damn, this is overloaded with cuteness!

Will you say I do with this Hello Kitty diamond ring?

Well, hello there kitty!

A cute ventilator! Ooh I want this too!

Hello Kitty XBOX games. Will you?

A hole puncher. For scrapbooking perhaps?

I have no words, expect, 'add to cart'.

A digital frame.

About the only scale that's welcome in my house.
Cute watches. I have a very similar one to the black watch above.

Sleeping bag.

Hello Kitty + chocolates = perfect gift!

Ooh, another 'I want'!

This water dispenser will definitely ensure that I drink my daily 8 glasses!

An iPod docking station

A Hello Kitty swarovski Zippo. How about that!

A sewing machine!

A slimming belt!

Sick of pink already? Just wait, because it gets worse! For some people, Hello Kitty has become an obession. Take a look...

How far would you go?

Over the holidays, I spent a few days in Hermanus and discovered this cute Hello Kitty store! So I dragged the boyfriend in and went home with loads of goods. The shop is really small, but every single in thing inside is just Hello Kitty. I didn't know where to start. Heaven!

The shopping bags.

This suitcase took a lot of begging, but I got it! Courtesy of the boyfriend.

Retail therapy... there is just nothing like it!

If you think there's something Hello Kitty hasn't done, you let me know and I'll prove you wrong.


  1. aaawwwww cute
    I love hello kitty and so does my daughter

    I think I may need to take a drive to hermanus

  2. I must warn you Miss Betty, that shop is pricey because it's all original stuff! My suitcase came with a little certificate! I don't remember where exactly in Hermanus it is, but it's behind Checkers. I'm also going back for sure!
    Heidi, I want most things pictured above!

  3. this shit is toooooo coool

  4. ♥ ♥ ♥ so cool!!! i want it all!!! everything hello kitty!!! lol