Thursday, January 20, 2011

Behind the Scenes of the latest Parlotones Music Video

The more exposure I get in the film industry, the more addicted I become! Earlier this week I appeared in yet another music video, but this time my role was a bit smaller and the artist a bit a lot bigger. Once a person gets involved in projects like these, regardless of the part you play, you see the amount of time, work and effort that goes into making a success of a 4-minute video. So I can only imagine what it must be like making an entire movie! Respect. Not only are The Parlotones one of my favourite bands, but they are the biggest rock band in South Africa. They have won several awards (even MTV Africa awards), so I feel totally honoured to have met them and worked with them!

The music video was shot in Observatory, Cape Town. I'm not exactly sure what the concept is behind the video, because there were many different scenes, but I'm sure the end results are gonna rock. There were scenes of Kahn Morbee, the lead singer, alone in front of a green screen, scenes of the group together with people (or actors if you will) protesting in the background, police scenes and soccer scenes. I was in the soccer scene. A group of us, wearing soccer supporter's gear, had to act as if we're on a 'fan walk'. Basically just walking, looking happy and cheering as if our team just won. While doing this, Kahn walks through the crowd towards the camera. It's probably a 10 second shot, but took us over an hour to perfect! 'Reset', 'marker', 'action' or 'wait for my signal' are words I heard all day! Even though it was hard work, I felt so bummed when they shouted 'that's a wrap'.

During breaks we talked to Kahn, who is uber nice and kinda hot in real life, and took photos! Here are some behind the scenes photos, especially for you!
The team from Pasella arrives to interview the Parlotones and to get some behind the scenes footage.

Kahn doing what he does best!

Kahn and I

I made some new friends too!

Media everywhere!

Pictures from the 'protesting scene'

Everyone's getting ready for the 'soccer scene'.

Pictured here with Paul Hodgson from The Parlotones (lead guitar and keyboard) and Vicky Davis, actress and presenter from Pasella.

Pasella at work.

As soon as the video for "should we fight back" are out, I'll post it on my blog! Right, so what's next?

Thank you to The Parlotones and their entire team for the wonderful experience. A special thank you to Hilda Koorzen for giving me this opportunity.


  1. Awesome stuff! Hope to see you in more music video's or movies in the future ;)

  2. Thank you! I've got loads of things in the pipeline for 2011, so keep watching this space!

  3. Awesome young lady, can't wait for the video to come out. btw it takes normally around average +/- 22 weeks (6 days a week with 14hours work days) to shoot films) but the weeks differentiate depending on the movie. The reason why I know is my wife is in the film industry!

  4. Hi morne, thank you for the comment! I think I need to become friends with your wife ;)

  5. Looks like you had some fun, atleast this time we get to see your face, well done ;)

  6. Hi Jemma,i was also on the video with you on Tuesday, unfortunatley i couldnt make Wednesday because of work.
    My friend won the KFM competition so we spent the day upstairs with the band which was really awsome. we chatted with them and their video is about Mandelas long walk to freedom, from the riots back in the day to the joy of 2010 and the world cup.
    the video is going to be great, cant wait, keep well