Sunday, January 23, 2011

My very Festive Season!

This passed holiday was completely different than last year, because in just one year my life changed completely! New car, new house, new friends, a boyfriend and an almost whole new career path! The night before Christmas we hosted a dinner party at our house and invited friends whose families don't celebrate Christmas. We just wanted to make it special for those close to our hearts! Everyone had to bring their speciality. A dish that only they can rock. So, needless to say, we had the weirdest menu, but what a feast it was! Somehow my 'party bag' was brought out and everyone chose props to wear. My 'party bag' is filled with everything from 80's pink tights, to Playboy bunny gear, to Mardi Gras masks and even soccer gear. See? Not your traditional Christmas!

A few days after Christmas, I went to Hermanus for some much needed sun, sand and sea! We spent our days drinking cocktails, eating seafood, long walks on the beach, partying, sleeping in and loads of shopping! I was so relaxed, that I completely forgot about taking pictures.

I also got myself the cutest little bunny! The newest addition to the family, Kim. Of course I did not name her after Kim Kardashian. Pff.

We were planning on having an intimate lil' party at my boyfriend's house for New Years, but one drunken night I invited so many friends to join in too and they actually came. Twenty of them! After the massive New Year's party, which took us about two days to recover from, the boyfriend and I continued with the road trip. Next stop, Struisbaai.

After two days of hectic wind, we decided to go back to Hermanus. And I'm glad we did! Beach by day and party by night.

Grotto Beach


Onrus beach

Spotted hot twins on the beach!

Retail therapy

It was so hot in Hermanus, even too hot to be at the beach, that we bought a blow-up pool. We were desperate to cool off! In the smallest corner of the garden, we found some shade! What started out to be just chilling-in-the-pool-with-drinks, turned into a pose-off which then resulted in some wrestling.

The next day we hit the road again. Destination: Wellington.
Caught up with my sister and more friends in Wellington for a party.

The following morning my sister and I headed back home for a very scary appointment with a needle! Her and I, and two other girls, all got piercings. A very impulsive decision, but we weren't going to let a teensy hangover stand in our way.

After the weekend I had to return to work. The first few days were great, but once I got into the swing of things, it felt as if I never left.



  1. Looks like a really good holiday ;)
    Like that tat