Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Girls Night in Cape Town!

It's been a while since I've let my hair down, but it's been an even longer time since I last had a girls' night out. And those are usually forbidden for a reason. Not only have I forgotten most of the night, I also forgot that I have a camera and that we took pics. We visited Fez and Casa Blanca in Cape Town on Friday evening and literally only came home once the sun came up! What a blast it was! As much as I would love to share all the scandalous photos with you, we have boyfriends who would kill us! So yes, I'm giving you carte blanche with your imagination.

Arrived for drinks at Eastwoods. The usual first stop for us, but a change of scenery was needed.

One of my silly poses. I can't pose on demand!

Another one of those poses.

Much later we arrive at Casa Blanca

One of my bff's and possibly the more responsible one of us all

Johlene having a closer look at the vintage-retro decor at Casa Blanca.

Pictured here with the owner of this fine establishment.

And we met wonderful people too!
I love this photo!

You know you had a good night when you don't feature on on all the photos and when you find this on your phone the next day...
One of the club's bouncers.

I do not even remember this part of the evening!

Overall it was a great night!
Girls, if you are reading this, when is the next one? Next time, we make the circle bigger!

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