Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Friday and I...

... am not so sure if I like Rihanna's new hairdo. It reminds me of the Pon de replay days. And I hate that song.
... am happy to do my first Friday post of 2011!
... am still in holiday mode, but one fuck-up at work and I'm back to my stressful self.
... will be featuring on Woelag on Monday as 'Forbidden Fruit! A cool interview illustrated with some hot pictures.
... am so damn happy that I finally got a Blackberry! I don't even need my laptop any longer.
... caused a stir on Twitter yesterday when I tweeted my bra size.
... really caused a stir when I tweeted a picture of me showing off my bra size, but it was all in good fun.
... am training with a personal trainer (who is hot and single, by the way ladies). Check out his cool fitness blog and be sure to follow him on Twitter too.
... can finally walk again. I've been stiff for days now!
... am on a mission to get my ass in serious shape! Let's see how long this resolution lasts.
... think it's wonderful that Playboy is searching for South African playmates!
... will be posting a lot more pictures from here on forward, because I finally have a camera again!
... don't regret getting another piercing. I love my madonna piercing. Totally worth the pain.

Happy Friday darlings! First week of work is done and dusted!
I wonder what I will get up to this weekend....



  1. Piercing looks great! Pity I missed out on the pic yesterday :P

  2. Nice piercing, ever plan on getting a tattoo?

  3. I have three! I want to get another one, but I would first like to modify one of the tattoos. It's gettin' boring.

  4. 3? where about?
    if I count mine seperately, I have 5 ;)