Monday, September 13, 2010

Lady Gaga can be SEXY! Abnormal, but still SEXY!

Everybody's talking about Lady Gaga's VMA meat dress, but did it really come as a surprise? I mean, this lady has worn everything and tried everything, so the only thing left was, er, flesh.

That sure does look like a very uncomfortable smile.
No one is quite sure whether the 'dress' was real or fake, but whatever the case, it definitely sent shockwaves world wide. And judging on PETA's reaction, there had to be some meat involved. Can you imagine how Lady Gaga smelled that night? Did she have flies hovering over her? Or perhaps even maggots? One thing is for sure, only Lady Gaga can pull off all her weird looks.

The meat obsession started a long time ago...

I'm sure Lady Gaga hides a hot girl somewhere underneath all her freakishness, so I decided to search the internet for some proof that she can be normal sexy. Though, what I have found doesn't really classify as sexy or model-like, it does bring some peace of mind. There's potential and her body is smokin', but you be the judge.

It's her individuality that makes her stand out from the rest. Do you remember when Gaga first came on the scene with her Just Dance music video? I though, oh gawd, another one. Another pop-wannabe-one-hit-wonder, but she quickly changed my mind. While everybody else are being fabulous and flawless, she's making statements. And great music.

Lady Gaga, I'm to scared to ask 'what's next'? But whatever it is, it sure is going to have the world talking. Back to the meat dress: You know what they say, once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger make a meat dress.



  1. She is definitely outrageously fashion forward!


  2. She is not your ordinary girl, if she turns in 1 direction you can't see the hotness but she does have it ;)....I like that about her

  3. still love her, even tho she may seem a bit coo coo at times! hehe


  4. she's a genius!
    a little sexy genius!
    love her...


  5. She really is so pretty. I'd love to see her more natural more often - that would be a shocker! x