Monday, March 7, 2011

Behind the Scenes of my latest Portfolio Photo Shoot!

I've been meaning to do a very sexy photo shoot for my portfolio filled with variety. So when a photographer approached me, I knew this is my chance to tick it off my to-do list. I finally had the opportunity to put together a shoot and do it my way - wardrobe, set design, poses, make-up and so on.
After weeks of planning and preparation, I, with loads of help from my two best friends, pulled it off!

Saturday morning we left the house at 04h00 to meet up with the photographer, make-up artist and male models at 15 on Orange. First scene was shot in the lift with two really hot male models by my side. Let's just say that I didn't need coffee that morning. The concept behind this scene was just to get really sexy, intimate images. Almost like a peak of what happens when the lift doors close. I decided on denim for this scene with a smokey eye make-up, and it worked so well with the gold couch in the lift. Male models were topless, of course.

Next up, was lingerie. Four different outfits - leopard print, colourful, pin-up inspired and burlesque. We kept on the smokey eye make-up for two of the lingerie sets, after that we switched to a very colourful make-up. I wanted this scene to be very playful and bright.
Doing a quick twitpic.

My two besties styling me while Michelle touches up my make-up. I love this photo.

How stunning is my make-up? Michelle is very talented!

Next stop, beach scene. The concept here was to get bikini and topless photos, but everything gold and bronzed up! I wanted loads of sand, see and rocks. Big, wild hair and make-up in shimmering gold.

After the beach scene, we drove all the way back to Cape Town, Roeland Street, for the final scene of the day - the pool scene. I wanted this to be very natural. Hair wet and sleeked back and very natural make-up. For wardrobe I decided to go all white, which really complimented the blue water. After a long day in the sun and sand, this pool was so welcoming!

And that's it! I received some of the images from the photographers so long and let me tell you, the months of planning that went into this shoot, and the actual 12 hour long shoot, was all worth it!

But of course, none of this would even be possible if it wasn't for the help of my two best friends, Johlene and Esme. Johlene helped with booking the locations, sourcing a photographer and male models. They both assisted me at the shoot and helped with setting up each scene. Esme helped me get dressed, took behind the scenes photos and also assisted the photographer. They helped plan each detail with me! Girls, I can't thank you enough for your help, ideas, assistance, creativeness and patience!

Then to the two photographers, I am so grateful to have been privileged to work with you. I am more than pleased with the results! Thank you Brown Eye Photography for shooting all the indoor scenes (lift and lingerie). And another big thank you to Naco Rautenbach from Naco Rautenbach Design Photography (please 'like' his Facebook page) for shooting all the outdoor scenes. I am blown away by your work!

A huge thank you to Michelle Dickman - you might know her better as Mish to the D from Twitter - for my wonderful hair and make-up! Mish, you really understood exactly what I wanted for each scene and did a much better job then I could've ever imagined! You are truly talented and a pleasure to work with. Be sure to expect another phone call from me in the near future!

Thank you to Matilda's Lingerie for sponsoring my Burlesque-inspired set. I love it and I'm sure my future-boyfriend would too. Another big thank you to ZA Surveys for sponsoring the bikini and all the accessories for the beach scene! They are a new established specialist research company focussed on the understanding social media and the web in South Africa.

Last, but definitely not the least, thank you to the two male models, Thinus and Renaldo, for getting up so early and taking time out of your day to come pose with me! I've seen the pictures and it looks hot! I wouldn't have been able to pull it off without you! Those abs and arms were a great start to my day!

Now that I finally have this behind me, I can't wait to put the portfolio together and start sending the pictures out! Next stop, Playboy SA.

Oh wait, I am forgetting something, aren't I? Here is a sneak-peek of what's in store for my fabulous portfolio! I also included topless scenes in my portfolio. A total first for me!

What do you think?

(Please do not use images without permission)


  1. Ummmm... YOH YOH YOH!!!!!!


    Sorry couldn't type second! Listen if the chick thats 'sanding' you wants to quite, I am a professional 'sander' :D

    Awesome pics.... look forward to seeing the full shoot soon... wink wink ;)

  2. Sorry may i just add... God bless local Mooiness!

  3. You are so naturally beautiful. WOW.

  4. Always a pleasure helping my friends :) Mwah! Nothing would have been possible without the most patient model ever! Hope you always stay like this :)

  5. So how does one get hold of either your portfolio or some of those topless pics?

  6. The portfolio isn't something that i'm going to publish everywhere, so it depends what you need it for or how you want to use the pictures. You can mail me at


  7. Stunning stunning!!! Jy gaan nog baie ver kom. Ek glo in jou!

  8. you asking what we think?....looking at the pics, I can seem to think of anything but how beautiful you are...Congrats on the photo shoot, you really going to go far ;)