Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Girls just wanna have FUN!

Yesterday I felt a bit fragile because of the hectic weekend, but it was all in good fun. Girls really just want to have fun. And loads of it too! Here are some pics of the hectic party chaos drunken night innocent fun we had weekend. Enjoy!
Just warming up!

Trying hard to concentrate on the rules of the drinking game

My fellow-fabulous-females!


That night we told everyone we're twins. Some people are just so gullible :)

Single and ready to mingle!

Oh, what's going on here?

Dancin' like nobody's watchin'

I can't tell if this is beat or sparks...

Fun times!

I think the music's to blame

Having a serious moment here...
We've got another serious 4-day girls weekend coming up! Darlings, do yourself a favour and just pack the car and go on a road trip. A trip to nowhere. Turn the music up and sing along to the top of your lungs. Listen to Miley Cyrus. Record video clips of your singing. Leave the GHD's at home and pack in drinking games. Explore all the pubs. Try new shooters or cocktails. Make new friends and exchange numbers. Go without sleep and eat junk food. Forget about what your mama told you and rather embrace what your mama gave you. But most importantly, take loads of photos! It's such fun and a genuine bonding experience!


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  1. This looks like mad fun! There's nothing quite like time with the girls!!