Friday, March 11, 2011

It's Friday and I...

... am so grateful for all the voting you've done so far! Your wonderful, ongoing support has not made me regret my decision to enter the Sports Illustrated New Model Search. Please continue voting by clicking here. Yes, you can vote more than once.
... also feel extremely privileged that Sports Illustrated used me as their feature model on their website yesterday and asked people to vote for me!
... think the voting for the Trend Frenzy Magazine cover search, is still open, so please vote for me if you're on Facebook. Click this link and 'like' the page and then my photo. Each 'like' is a vote. So far I'm in second place, so thank you for that!
... had a proper interview with and sent them a few photos from my latest portfolio shoot. Check it out here.
... am looking forward to my Monday Mooiness feature on My City by Night.
... am so busy lately and should definitely consider getting an assistant in the near future. Someone to do all my dirty work! Ha!
... want to send out a prayer to everyone in Japan and those affected by the earthquake and the Tsunami's. Tsunami alerts for New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Hawaii. Someone dear to my heart is in Manila, so send out your prayers please.
... can't wait for the day when I can hand in my resignation letter and say bye bye to the corporate world!
... wonder when the Cape Town Playboy SA castings will take place. Any idea?

Ok, enough with the random lists! Happy Friday and have a GREAT weekend!!


  1. Very beautiful. Voted ;-) Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Been voting since you put your link up on twitter ;).....Don't worry, your father will be safe and will be home soon.
    Nice interview and the pics are really good :)