Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Music Video for 'Dinosaur' by Jax Panik: I'm gonna be in it!

Last week my friend sent me an sms, asking me to urgently visit the Jax Panik Facebook fan page, because they were on a search to find a hot girl for their music video. The only requirements were that she has to be over 18 and live in Cape Town. Oh, and willing to 'show skin'. Easy enough. Needless to say, I signed up. Then, just when I thought my girls' weekend couldn't get any better, I got news that I was short-listed! Not thinking that I would get the part - the other girls either had experience in music videos or were full-time models - I had already forgotten about it all. Yesterday afternoon the producer of the music video called and gave me the good news. I'm going to be playing 'the hottie' in a music video for Jax Panik's new song, Dinosaur. This really made my day. My year!

We're shooting on Sunday and apparently I'm wearing very little. Don't worry my lovelies, I will do the 'behind-the-scenes thang' for you. Like I always do. Thus far I only know that I need to dance provocatively in front of a green-screen. Nervous much? You bet.

Jax Panik really is amazing and their music has a total different vibe than any other South African artist. Get Up is one of my favourite songs - check out the hot video! Their music is always played on 5FM, music videos are shown on MK and they even received an MTV award! Rad. Check out their website too!

Ok, I'm off to Woodstock to meet the cool gang and producers!
I can be your dinosaur. I can make you roooaaar!


  1. Congrats again Yolandi! cant wait to see the end product on TV... you're gonna be famous ;)

  2. I'm wearing a mask peeps, but so is everyone! aah, no claim to fame then. My readers/ followers will see it first!