Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Friday and I...

... am taking it off for a photo shoot in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness!
... just want everyone to know that it's not a 'career move', but that I truly support this cause from the bottom of my heart and if I can raise money to pay for the operations (to remove the cancer tissue in breasts before it spreads to other parts in the body) just by taking my top off, then I'll do it! Screw those who believe otherwise.
... know my decision has created some controversy, but my mind's made up!
... am looking forward to working with Naco Rautenbach (photographer) and Michelle Dickman (make-up artist) again!
... decided on a forest for the shoot, seeing that the Breast Cancer Association gave me free range.
... am in a small fashion show tomorrow! Kinda excited. It's been ages since I last walked the ramp.
... will be in the Rapport newspaper again on Sunday, along with two other hopefuls who won in previous weeks, with voting details. Please vote for me! The winner will be 'Miss June' in their 2012 calendar.
... can also be voted for in the FHM 100 Sexiest, by sms'ing SEXY YOLANDI MALHERBE to 34973. Just by voting, you stand in line to win some fab prizes!
... have two blog posts coming soon! One about the KFM Kday (rather late than never) and the other about our cooking lesson with chef, Neill Anthony.
... have my money on the Stormers tomorrow. They are playing at Newlands against the Western Force. I will be watching the game at Newlands in the Evox Box.  
... did an interview with MojoDojo earlier this week. Have a look here if you haven't seen it yet. New photos of me are also in their site, plus a free wallpaper which you can download in high-res. From me, with love.
... am going to try and gym tonight. Yes, it seems this socialite is calming down, but don't get too use to it!

Happy Friday! Jeez, can't believe the week went by so quick!


  1. Gym? on a Friday Party night? ;)...

    It's always good to do your part for certain causes....I think your photoshoot will be great for Breast Cancer Awareness.