Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why I boycott L'Oreal and why YOU should too!

It's no secret that L'Oreal still test their products on animals (rabbits, to be more specific) but no one talks about it. Well, if my tiny voice will make a difference, then I'm making it heard!

Bluntly put, stop testing products on animals! They are defenceless and innocent. It's the twenty-first century and there are many other ways of testing your products. Test it on the fucking prisoners who are locked up for life. It's not like they deserve any better if they raped or murdered people.

I don't care if I don't have proof, and obviously L'Oreal will deny this, but if you google it, some really scary and heartbreaking stuff comes up. Just look:

So you decide. Are testing products on rabbits, which tortures their tiny bodies, and eventually killing the poor animal, really something you want to support? L'Oreal's slogan might read 'because you're worth it', but sorry, I'm not worth it. And neither are the rabbits.



  1. That is utterly heartbreaking. Gosh, I won't their products any more either if thats the case

  2. That is horrible! :( I have never tried Loreal and after reading this, I won't. Thank you for making a difference ♥

  3. Thanks Ladies! it's sad, because L'Oreal's products are really great, but i simply refuse to buy/ use it any longer.

  4. OMG.. i am going to be sick! i never knew this! how could they be so cruel :(
    i am chucking my shampoo and conditioner in the bin today!!