Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things I can't say NO to... #008

No matter what the occasion, or even with no occasion at all, champagne is the drink of choice. Always. I simply cannot say no. I am so captivated by the sweet (or sometimes dry) taste of bubbly and I just feel so classy when I have a flute in my hand. When I hear the cork popping and the ting-ting sounds as we 'cheers', I know good times will follow. My favourite champagne, though it's not real champagne and actually called MCC (M├ęthode Cap Classique), is JC le Roux! If you haven't visited House of JC le Roux in Stellenbosch yet, do yourself a favour and go! Nice scenery, champagne tasting, great food, freebies, need I say more?

But any champagne is good, be it French or just sparkling wine. It cheers me up and makes me feel as if it's my birthday! I had a bottle last night, but another ice cold one with a floating strawberry, would go down really well. Anyone?


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  1. Guess what?....I have a bottle of JC Le Roux under my desk ;) have not found the right time to have it as yet :) want some?