Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coveted Couture!

Of the many things that have made a comeback this winter, I would have to say grey nail polish and name necklaces are my favourite! With any fashion-first, I'll let everyone else try it while I observe from the corner, but it didn't take me too long to be a victim of this trend too. In fact, it didn't take much persuasion at all!

I usually hate fashion comebacks for three reasons: one, I had that exact item five years ago, when it was a quarter of the current price, and it would've been considered vintage now! And, two, clothes don't really change that much when it comes from the 80's to haunt us. As in, no reinvention. Three, why should there even be a comeback? There's probably a reason it didn't stay in fashion. Attention designers, stylists and buyers, think of some fresh vogue for the next season!

There are exceptions with comebacks, but glitter pants, shoulder-pads and flower hats aren't one of them. To think grey was previously considered sombre, conventional or restrained in style and avoided showiness. But now, now we wear grey nail polish, grey boots, grey jackets, grey leggings and grey eye-shadow! Oh how bold we have become. Just vivaciously fabulous! I did my nails last night and my colour is actually called 'Dove grey'. What do you think?

Then name necklaces, I thought, were reserved for only for Carrie Bradshaw and Christina Aguilera, but not anymore it aint! It's definitely a one-size-fits-all fashion! I don't know if I'd hang my name around my neck (...stepping back into my corner, observing, hoping someone would break the ice...), but I'd definitely go for phrases, a word (like the 'love' one I bought) or even an initial.

Ooh, speaking of initials, visit Being Brazen's blog and enter her name necklace giveaway! I really want this one BB!


(Images: writer's own)


  1. Thanks for my comment and follow!

    I won the name necklace in the Being Brazen giveaway a couple of months ago and chose the word 'Love' I wear it almost every day!

  2. that is an awesome colour nail polish.. just purchased a similar colour and can't get enough of it xoxo

  3. Hello, thanks for following me, really appreciate it. 80 Pairs of shoes, well, you beat my wife, but only just. She cleared out her cupboard the other day and threw out about 10 pairs. She is now down to about 50.

    Love your blog, great style.
    I have another blog friend who is from Cape Town also, Jasna of Fashion Jazz. A fabulous person, very involved with fashion.

    Great to see another south african blogging.
    Hope to see you visit often.

  4. Love the nails. I also adore grey nail polish