Thursday, July 15, 2010

Could a fortune cookie really be so inspiring?

Fortune cookies are much like a box of chocolates. You never know what (message) you're gonna get. Sometimes it's a random quote, sometimes a riddle and sometimes Lotto numbers, but the weirdest message I have found in mine, was 'a child will bring happiness'. That brought everything but happiness. It scared the shit out of my boyfriend!

So when I saw this quote, I found it rather inspiring! You know, almost like it's talking directly to me. Here's hoping my dream(s) will come true!

What messages have you found in a fortune cookie before?


  1. Right before I moved to Southern Cal my fortune cookie read: you are moving to a land of sunshine

    Crazy or what??

    Now I'm always looking to see what direction the cookie is going to point me in next!


  2. I had a fortune cookie last night and it read 'tomorrow will bring lots of happiness'. Well, what do you did! Today is my birthday and i'm very happy!

  3. great quote! thx for following xo