Friday, August 13, 2010

Things I can't say NO to... #007

I was at a shopping centre last night and, while waiting for a friend, I just got totally lost in my own little world. A world where I can't say no to staring at people. Yes, staring is rude, but I just find it so therapeutic and fascinating...

... to watch how girls struggle to walk in high heels.
... then wonder why anyone would wear high heels when they go shopping?
... to guess what's in their shopping bags!
... to listen in on their conversations. Sometimes people sure talk a lot of shit.
... looking at what they are wearing. Last night I saw a guy wearing a green sweatpants, a green top and cream crocks! I'd rather wear a slanket before I wear crocks!

So yes, I stare at the weirdoes in shopping centres, but I can't help it. Some people are just really entertaining, without even trying to be.



  1. Well then, you should make your way to London, they have a whole bunch of crazies :)....Like a guy(really tall guy)wearing lady's shoes, trying out which handbag looks good on him ;)

    Oh and I know you like shoes, they have every shoe you can think of, I think you would enjoy it there :)

  2. Lolz! This had me giggling because you sound just like me! One of my favourite "hobbies" is people watching, especially in malls. I can entertain myself all day, really! I'm not being rude or judgemental its just soooo entertaining! I say its allowed. Have a great weekend babe xx

  3. Thank you Chantel - now I know I'm normal! Yes, staring is allowed, as long as we're not being a bitch out loud.

    Mehshal - you will have to ship me some shoes from London!

  4. (lol) I do mall hopping and window shopping too. Right I wonder why some ladies are wearing high heels when shopping. Well, I guess they want to enter a beauty pageant and would like to practice walking.:)

  5. If I am in London, I will do that and you can come visit, then you will have somewhere to keep all the shoes ;)