Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Friday and I...

... hate photo-bombers! Seriously. Who is that guy?
... should hear the outcome from Playboy SA soon!
... had some errors with Blogger, but I'm back online and will still blog about the Playboy dinner at Zorgvliet! Rather late than never!
... am so in love with Lady Gaga's new song, Judas.
... was a judge last night at a local high school for their annual pageant! It was so much fun, but really hard to choose just one! I use to take part in that exact competition back in the day! Memories. Gotta love it.
... feel like a change. So I'm gonna start small by putting highlights in my hair.
... have started a Friday tradition: herbal tea and a salad at Java in Stellenbosch with my cousin. Stellenbosch is my happy place.
... want you to enter the NoMU poster competition! Head to the Engen on Orange, look out for the NoMU poster, do a funky pose next to it (be creative), take a photo and mail it to And voila, Bob's your uncle. ONE person can win some serious prizes. I'm talking R40 000 in prizes. You have 11 days left to enter! Do it. Do it for the pin-up girls and guy who can't enter this awesome competition!
... have been asked to pose for Breast Cancer Awareness again, but this time I'm involving other women too to do a group photo. The message being carried across is 'women supporting each other'.
... have postponed my Johannesburg trip, but I will visit real soon. Promise.
... am back at gym in full swing, doing loads of cardio, weights, stretching, sauna- and yoga sessions! Let's hope the health binge lasts.
... find that if I browse through pictures of hot models, it motivates me to get in shape and it keeps me focussed with my eye set on the prize. Try it.
... am off to indulge in my newest tradition.

Happy Friday folks!


  1. You motivate me to get into shape, which is good since I am getting married in October and really NEED to get these arms toned!! Keep up the good work! Women should support each other, way too many haters out there! Happy Friday! Would love to know what you do to stay in such great shape!?

  2. hey doll,
    Drop me a mail and i'll share some of my secrets! And if you're in Cape Town and train at Virgin Active, all the better, because I'll be your gym buddy. Pushing and motivating you all the way!

    Congratulations on the engagement and good luck with all the wedding planning. Exciting stuff!!

  3. You have a great blog, always something interesting and good to read. Supporting al the way. Stellenbosch have the best coffee shops.

  4. Ah, that looks like so much fun!!!