Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crazy Craving - I'm worse than a pregnant woman!

Gym might be very kind to my hips, but let me tell ya, it does nothing for my appetite! It just sends it through the roof and makes me crave shit like you won't believe!! It just hits me. Out of nowhere.

My current craving is eggs. Scrambled and covered in Aromat - bring on the MSG! Then I need soft, yellowish avo drenched in vinegar. Topped with rocket. Oh and throw in some pastry-anything in there and deepfry something!

Go away craving please, because if I DO give in, I'm afraid the weird combination will do some permanent damage!


  1. Oh I love Aromat! I bury eggs under a mountain of the stuff. Apparently its really bad for you but I'm allowed one bad habit right :)

  2. I've heard that MSG is only bad for small children, so I guess we're safe! Besides, it's better than salt or smoking!