Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Friday and I...

... am becoming a regular in Hermanus. Going there again.
... am relieved that the house-hunting is over! Now for the big move and housewarming.
... don't even have one piece of furniture for the new place! Can anyone say 'stress'!
... knew from the start that Mariah Carey is pregnant. Why do celebs always deny it?
... had a hangover from hell yesterday and had to come to work! I never ate so much in one day.
... was home-alone last night, but had time to give myself a decent manicure and pedicure.
... am so heartbroken about my camera that got stolen last week. I took the coolest photos at the Moulin Rouge party and now I can't even share the pictures with you.
... don't really celebrate Halloween, but perhaps I should dress up anyway!
... decided that I would accept every friend request on Facebook from now on. So feel free to add me.
... am changing my hair style in a few days! Going dark with bangs!
... want to be a poster girl, but need 1000 followers on Twitter. Help a girl out please!
... am eating a large bag of cheese-and-onion flavoured popcorn! This might just be my new favourite snack.
... really need to get my ass to gym! I haven't been there in weeks. Seriously.
... can't wait for Wednesday! Meeting great people that will help my sister and I with our Twice the Taste website and ventures.
... really am happy that it's Friday and that the holidays are around the corner. Finally!

Happy Friday world. Let's get this weekend started!

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  1. Getting the ass to gym?...why, when you look as good as Lola?..once again, Congrats on the new place and I'm really sorry about your camera :(
    Enjoy the weekend though ;)

  2. me and gym have not been getting on.
    totally understand. so much easier to just press snooze.
    have a fab weekend in hermanus!