Monday, December 6, 2010

A Mid-Week All White Party!

Dressing like a virgin really isn't my forte, but standing out in a crowd is. We were glowing with our all white attire and luminous accessories at a recent party my sister and I attended. It really is so hard to hold back on the drinking and partying in the middle of the week, especially because the 'big move' was taking place that following day. Our so-called solution? "Let's go without sleep and just go big tonight. If we're going to be hungover, let's at least make it worth it". Clever, really really clever. Point and case here is, we had a blast and definitely created a stir. We came home with no accessories, Poncho stains, a bruise and very little memory of it all.

Thank goodness for evidence  blackmail material  photos to refresh our memory.

Me and my partner-in-crime, Lieschen. Our lovely dresses are from Young Designers Emporium.

Pictured here with the birthday girl, Demi Moore.

Our awesome gal-pals!

What would a 21st birthday celebration be without those embarrassing speeches?

Funky cocktails on arrival!

Where the camera was, so were we.

My sister and I even painted our nails white.

Definitely my favourite photo of the night. All of us look completely wasted.

I have no idea who this guy is, but at least we had one thing in common...

Then we just danced the night away!

Happy 21st birthday, Demi - it's her birthday today! Have a fabulous day and year ahead! Please don't take me partying with you tonight. I don't think I'll survive another drunk night or hangover at work. Then again, it is Tequila Tuesday. Oh boy, rubber arm!


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