Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Friday and I...

... really enjoyed the bloggers get-together on Wednesday evening. The feedback everyone has given, was very positive, so let's do it again. Next time we make sure every Capetonian blogger is there.
... am probably the ONLY blogger, who also attended that event, not actually doing a special blog post about it. But I'll say this, I won a wonderful book that evening called, A Million Miles from Normal.
... have three working days left, then I'm off on a month long holiday.
... love NoMU's December pin-up, Beatnik Bazaar. If you haven't entered yet, you're losing out on the chance to win fat prizes! Go to Engen on Orange and get your pose on. I did.
... have two social events lined up this weekend. Can't believe I'm actually getting paid to party.
... learned that Facebook and Twitter are my friends. Oh, and Google Analytics. Thank you for that Vicky!
... am so hungry. Luckily my sister is on her way to me with McDonalds. Yummy!
... have the most fucked-up love life you can ever imagine! Just had to put it out there in case it wasn't already pretty obvious.
... need to get back into an exercise routine, but how is that possible with the holidays literally around the corner?
... find this rather strange: I update the details on my car insurance and notify them of my new address, thinking that my premiums would go down seeing that I live in an up market area with security. Turns out, according to their claims history, that area is 'high risk', so now I pay a shit load on car insurance. So much for honesty!
... by accidentally ordered a lamb! I asked for 'one', but with that I meant 'one kilo'. We'll be having a braai every night for the next month.
... don't even know how to prepare leg-of-lamb. Time to find out.
... am going to eat now. My sister's here with the foooood.

Happy Friday! I am in holiday mode and haven't been productive in days!



  1. I could help with that leg of lamb ;)

  2. I'm a Cape Town blogger!
    Will be there at the next one!