Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Wild Housewarming!

For weeks I've been blogging and tweeting about either house-hunting, furniture shopping, the count-down to the big move and then the housewarming! Well, what a housewarming it was! Friday night we had about 40 of our closest friends over (it could be more... I lost count) to celebrate our 'big step' of independence. Everything was going great, until someone whipped out a beer funnel. Uh oh! Not knowing exactly what it was or how to use it, I wasn't going to leave it over to the imagination. Oh no, definitely not. We didn't put beer in it, but everything else we could find. Curiosity sure as hell almost killed the cat!

Because we don't have our couches yet, we have a big open space which we turned into a dancefloor. Even our neighbours, who happened to be a group of girls too, also joined the party. Even though our place was left in a terrible state, our alcohol was finished, our microwave's inside was covered in cheese and our carpets completely ruined, we had so much fun! Thank goodness we decided on paper plates and plastic cups for the evening! Definitely one of the wildest housewarmings I've been to in a while. Never again. At least, not at our place!

My sister, cheering me on.

I'm sad and relieved that the funnel broke.

Making sure she doesn't waste a drop!

Even our cousin couldn't miss out on this one!

Me with my cousin

If we're gonna go with plastic and paper, we might as well make sure it's cute.

The next morning we opened our gifts - and boy, did we get gifts - and saw that we also got a nice blow-up portable pool. Needless to say, we blew it up immediately, filled it with water and got in the pool, clothes and all. Then the party started all over again. I knew if I stopped drinking, I would pass out, because I didn't sleep at all Friday night.
I've never laughed as much as I did that day! I was on a roll with my jokes, voices and impersonations.

Saturday was spent mostly in our mini-pool, but eventually decided that our place needs cleaning and so do we! The day was ended off with housewarming number two, but luckilly only a quiet(ish) braai with family and close friends. Thank you again to everyone who joined the celebration with us and thank you for all our gifts! We got (almost) everything we needed! We're about 80% settled in. Painting is in progress, then we can finally hang the curtains, paintings and mirrors, then those carpets and then we can start enjoying our little pozzy! Phew, hard work, but it's going to be worth it.


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