Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Friday and I...

... am arranging a Hello Kitty baby shower for one of my best friends. Jeez, remind me to not arrange any showers some time soon again. Hard work and loads of details!
... am on the hunt for some seriously cute Hello Kitty decor tomorrow!
... am not engaged! My prank started last night as part of an April Fool's joke, which, sadly, a lot of you fell for. Legend.
... haven't been pranked. Yet. But go on, make my day.
... don't think I won the Rapport 2012 Model Competition, but thank you so much for all the votes and support! At least I was in the newspaper two Sundays a row, right?
... am remaining positive and moving on to the next project.
... need a good party even if I don't have anything to celebrate. Maybe tomorrow night? Girls?
... know what I need! Retail therapy! It has never let me down. Ever.
... have uploaded new photos on my FHM Modelbook page. Check it out.
... am bored and lazy right now. So, no productivity from my side.
... am over this day!

Keepin' it short today. Happy Friday folks!

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