Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Friday and I...

... am so excited! The May, and final, NoMU poster arrived and should be up shortly!
... am having a girls night at our place tonight! Girls + dress-up theme = loads of fun!
... cannot stop buying boots! It's definitely my Winter must-have.
... would LOVE if you can squeeze in a few last votes before it closes on Sunday. Vote for me in the Sports Illustrated New Model Search by following this link, then clicking on 'vote'. Thank you!
... have received great feedback from the public with regards to my Playboy casting's photos, so I'm holding thumbs. Tightly.
... can't wait for this whole Royal Wedding to just get over and done with! Kate, enjoy your 'crown jewels'.
... LOVE the month of April with all its public holidays. Another long weekend awaits.
... haven't been to gym in weeks and I feel so guilty!
... love how my life has changed in such a short time! Dig it.

Ok, keeping it short and sweet! Happy Friday and enjoy the long weekend. Play nice.

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