Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Friday and I...

... signed with Triple Threat Talent in this week! An agency that covers TV, modeling, singing and dancing. Now, let the hard work begin.
... is loving everyone's statusses, tweets and profiles pictures about cleavage.
... love National Cleavage Day.
... did a shoot with Robert Miller and the wonderful team at NoMU for their final pin-up poster which should be out in May. I'll be on the poster along with Martin Tucker (Mr Keg) and Alyssa Buttgen (fellow Sports Illustrated model). This poster is going to blow your minds, trust me! New product too!
... will be walking the ramp tonight at Living Room (in lingerie) along with other models for a National Cleavage Day party! Pop in!
... am going to my cousin's 21st birthday party tomorrow. Dress-up time again!
... apologise for being so quiet on my blog lately! But I hope all my Facebook statusses and Tweets have made of for the lact of blog posts.
... am doing a shoot for UK based magazine, Streetfighter Magazine, soon. This is my first international exposure, so try and get your hands on this mag as soon as it's out. I'll get a four to six page spread with a pull-out poster and a possible cover.

Happy Friday darlings!

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