Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here is Madonna, minus the airbrushing.

I always thought Madonna is ageless, I mean, she just looks so good for someone so old. My mom grew up with her music and I grew up with her music, yet, Madonna still looks incredible to this day. Then I came across this image...

I haven't changed my mind about how incredibly talented she is, but I have definitely changed my mind about the 'ageless' part. Saying that Madonna has made her mark in the music industry and in music history is an understatement, because she is phenomenal! I just wish someone would tell her that a lady of her age shouldn't be posing in undies anymore. It just aint sexy when you're all wrinkly and stuff.



  1. Great post! Yep, that's true...wish you could see what I see sometimes...:-)

  2. When your shoulders get wrinkly, you really need to stop with the underwear shots. Hmm... or maybe when you start to fee that you *need* Photoshop?