Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Behind the Scenes of the SIREN Photo Shoot: New Range at YDE

Yesterday I had the most fun at this photo shoot! As in, total. The shoot was for a new label called Siren, new at YDE, and the pictures will be used for advertising purposes. I was the lucky girl who got to wear these lovely dresses and model them for the designer.

More about the label:

Monique du Preez, designer of Siren, launched this fabulous label earlier this month. The range is available at seven YDE branches already - Century City, Cresta, Centurion, Gateway, Loch Logan, Rosebank and The Glen.

This is Monique hard at work.

Have a look at the absolutely stunning dresses, some of which are already in the shops! These were taken with my camera in between breaks, but I will definitely put the final results up as soon as I get it and leave the link to the YDE fan page on Facebook. How cute are my fellow-models? One rabbit got the hang of posing while the other one hid in the corner.

The talented Eloise Dreyer did my hair and make-up. She really lived up to her reputation and she did an excellent job. I mean, who does hair and make-up, flawlessly, in 15 minutes? Between touching up my make-up and curling my hair, she had time to tweet, take pictures with my camera and even helped me with posing. Oh, she also gave me a small gift - lip gloss with a built-in light! I loved working with her and I hope that we get to do it again real soon.

Drikus le Roux did the photography. He is an awesome person and made me feel really comfortable in front of the lens. We had total fun - playing with bubblegum, pulling my hair, kissing rabbits and loads of jump shots. I cannot wait to see the final results!

Girls, these dresses are really lovely and I am going to buy the floral one on my next trip to YDE. Thank you to the wonderful team I worked with yesterday and a special thank you to Monique for letting me choose a dress to keep. This is the one I decided on. Love it.

Saw anything you like ladies? Now go shopping!

Here is one photo so long that was just put on Drikus' facebook group. Isn't he amazing?



  1. Looks like oyu had so much fun. Love some of those dresses. Especially the floral one.

  2. The bunnies are just adorable.

    Ps. You picked the best one to keep ;) Love that dress.

  3. Everybody's got to have the classic LBD, so I had to go with that one, BUT I'm still going to buy more.
    Thanks for the comments! Yes, I had a blast. Playing ditsy and crazy is so much easier than the whole sexy thing.


  4. Stunning photos. My favorite one is the second last one. It potraits you as so innocent. Very beautiful.

  5. these photos are great! you looked so pretty! smoking body! you have made me add some more gym visits to my week!

  6. You look amazing in these photos. Looks like such a fun time!

  7. These are just pics taken with my camera behind the scenes. I'm still waiting on the 'real' photos from the photographer.

    Thanks for the comment Skinny Bitches!