Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Calling all Capetonian Bloggers: Lets put faces to blog posts!

Ah finally! I've been begging anyone to host a party or get-together where bloggers can meet and I'm so pleased that it's finally gonna happen! Fellow bloggers, please do me the honour and attend this event. Let's all get to know the people behind the blogs. I'm definitely going to be there and I'm bringing booze. Samantha Laura Kaye wil be the MC for the evening and Vicky Sleet will be the keynote speaker. There will also be giveaways which include Vamp furniture, NoMU products and much more. More than enough reason for you to go!

Hell no am I missing out on this. I've got a black number that's begging to be worn.
Click the above image for more information and remember to RSVP. Go on, spread the word.

Thank you Fable Fairy Blog for putting this together. I can't wait.