Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Friday and I...

... absolutely cannot wait for my best friend's Sailor-themed birthday party. This is my outfit.
... am hitting the gym really hard to be able to pull it off!
... received photos from the photographer who did a 'mini shoot' at the Woelag interview. Watch this space for uploads.
... will be paying some attention to our blog today. The logo is being designed as we speak.
... am being whisked away for a romantic weekend. I wonder what the boyfriend planned. Oooh!
... am very excited about our Beer Fest Competition! Have you sent me your entries yet? No? Click here to see how you can win a party with my sister and I at Cape Town Festival of Beer.
... am building quite a collection of YDE dresses! I just can't leave that shop empty-handed.
... am meeting up with all my gal pals tomorrow at the Mount Nelson Hotel for a champagne breakfast.
... really can't wait to see the music video for Dinosaur. Any day now!
... am counting down the minutes to the big move. Yes, yes, I will be driving you crazy with all my house-moving-talk.
... don't wanna work today (or ever, really)!
... couldn't care less about the royal engagement. Pfft.
... have started with my Christmas shopping. It is my favourite time of the year.
... will be on leave in less than a month. Bring on the holiday and relaxation!
... love my dark hair, but I'm over the fringe. Even though it looks cool, it's so unpractical on hot days.
... am just going to take it easy this weekend, because next weekend I have to squeeze in four events in three days PLUS packing. I'm going to need loads of energy drinks or super powers.

Happy Friday everyone!


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