Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Friday and I...

... know I've been very quiet on my blog in the last week! Sorry peeps.
... am going to Wellington and Stellenbosch this weekend to 'observe' students' partying. Yes, kinda like a project. Partying for research is what I'll call it.
... love how my sister and my 'fan page' of Twice the Taste have grown in just three days!
... am hunting for the perfect dress to wear to a wedding. It's gotta be really sexy yet still appropriate for a wedding. I need help!
... was scared, or rather on the safe side, to change my whole look, but I did it and I fucking love it.
... signed the contract for our new house yesterday. I can't WAIT to move.
... had blanket-prints on my nails this morning, because the nail polish didn't dry properly. The yellow I had on before, looked better than the mess I have now.
... wish the 'office make-over' (more like 'make-under') will come to an end. Being high on glue and paint gets really boring after a while.
... need to start working on the Twice the Taste blog before I can start promoting it. Photo shoots, layouts and designs to be done.
... want to create a stir in JHB over the holidays. My sister and I feel like flying up, stay for a couple of days and just party party party!
... need (and want) new sunglasses for Summer! Miu Miu, Madonna D&G, yes please!
... still haven't replaced my stolen camera. Damn, I should've had insurance cover.
... would love to be a socialite full-time.
... am craving a chicken salad, which is not normal for me. Salads, that is.  

I don't know about you, but I would give anything to go home and get this weekend started!
Go big my lovelies!


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