Monday, November 8, 2010

This Weekend I...

... visited friends in Wellington and partied in Stellenbosch. It's nice to get away from the bright lights of the City and surround myself with a different scenery. Two things I did this weekend - and those who know me will probably laugh - which were completely out of my comfort zone, and simply because I'm one fussy chick, were staying on a farm and going to a 'lang-arm' place. What's so odd about this? Well, I love these two things as much as I love public bathrooms and camping in a tent. It's just not how I roll. The whole 'farm thing' was, erm, bearable, because I love animals, but who would've thought that chickens and cows can be so noisy. And then I'm not even going to elaborate on the smells, flies, muddy pot holes and hayfever. Yes, I'm a 'typical girl from the City'. Thank you for that one.

After the torture at this 'lang-arm' place, I was relieved when we could go dancing in Stellenbosch Saturday evening. It was nice to dance to 'real' music again and mingle with fashion-forward people. I even bumped into friends and made new ones.

It's almost impossible to just get a nice picture-perfect normal picture with the boyfriend.

Then we took to the stage for some serious dancing and that's where we stayed for the remainder of the night. The DJ was awesome!

This weekend made me realise, yet again, that it doesn't matter where you are in the world, but if you're with a fun crowd and great people, you'll have fun. No matter what. Yes, even on a farm.

Aargh, counting down the days till Friday. Man, I sometimes feel like I'm living for weekends only. Ooh and pay days.

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