Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Madness!

What started out to be a "manicure and pedicure evening" on Friday, turned into a complete wild party. So, two of my best friends came over to my place and we did our nails, caught up on the latest while drinking wine and listening to all our favourite music. To me, wine plus great music, equals party vibe. Even though we decided beforehand that we're not going out, it was this equation that led us to our favourite party spot. Oh boy, how I wish I can just say no at times. We decided that we're not dressing up or going to do effort with hair and make-up. We went out just the way we looked. Flat shoes and pony-tails. Then, as luck would have it, we bumped into so many familiar faces and friends. No matter how shit and ordinary we looked, we got more free drinks that night, than at any other party before! None of us spent a dime. In fact, I came home with R100 extra! We danced up a storm, mingled, had a few shooters and decided, we're going to go crash a house party in Loevenstein. Technically speaking, I was invited, but, at the time, decided that a quiet evening at home would be the more responsible option. You know, seeing that I had a breakfast date at the Mount Nelson Hotel early Saturday morning.
We got to the house party and immediately hit the dance floor. When I saw KFM DJ, Denver Apollus, in charge of the music, I knew that the majority of my evening would be spent dancing. Again, bumped into many friends and even the ex boyfriend *dramatic music plays*. Two of my gal pals left early(ish), which kinda left me and my other friend stranded. No car and no house keys. When the party was finally over and I walked outside for the first time, the sun was shining! I was like, oh gawd, please tell me it's 05h00. Unfortunately not. I had one hour to find a way home, freshen up and get my ass to the hotel. Yeah, so that didn't exactly work out according to plan. Seeing that my friend and I both locked ourselves out of our houses, we had no way of getting dressed OR had access to my car. Needless to say, I had to skip the birthday breakfast (yes, I'm a shit friend and I feel even shittier) because I still had to go to the boyfriend who, apparently, had a surprise planned for me. I felt like death warmed up, no matter how many energy drinks I downed.
The boyfriend and I went out for drinks and, even though I swore to never touch alcohol again, I had a Hunters Extreme in the hope of feeling better. That didn't work. Food is what my body needed. Next stop was a vineyard. You'd think this is the last place I'd want to be, but all I wanted was to sit down and eat something healthy. A glass of dry white wine and a chicken and litchi salad later, I felt a little better, but still not capable of making small-talk. My energy was mainly used for keeping my eyes open. After that, we met up with friends again because everyone felt like going out and dancing. Me? I would swop my car for a few hours' sleep! But, not wanting to be the party-pooper or miss out on anything, I went along. After a few more drinks and the right song, I suddenly felt ready for a party all over again. We went out dancing and got home 'round 02h30. Now, it's been over 24 hours since I last slept, so I just couldn't wait to get home! The surprise my boyfriend had planned, was that we were gonna see 30 Seconds to Mars perform in Cape Town, then sleep at a hotel. Yeah, so that didn't work out either. Again. So I don't know if I should be cross with myself for going way too big Friday night or pissed off with him for not taking me anyway. Tired or hungover! I mean, I was dragged along to go dancing!

Sunday I felt like a human-being again! We went to Paarl for a late lunch and, for the first time that weekend, I ate proper food! Man, steak and veggies never tasted so good before. Oh, naturally, I had wine.

I'm glad this weekend is over, but I'm not happy to be at work today! I'd much rather sleep some more or soak up the sun. Heck, I'd rather do dishes than sit here!

Happy Monday folks!
This week I will detox, exercise and take it easy, because this coming weekend is going to be a hectic one!


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