Thursday, August 19, 2010

Coveted Couture - Sexy Swimwear!

I usually play it safe with a bikini that serves a dual purpose of both tanning and swimming, but this summer I'm definitely getting my hands on, either, a sexy one-piece or something sailor-inspired! Just look at these pics I discovered on the web. It takes swimwear, and even the once-considered-boring-and-conservative one-piece, to a whole other level. A sexy, fashionable and daring level.

I am SO in love with anything sailor-like!
I just love how this bikini almost borders on the lingerie-line.
Bad for tanning. Great for grabbing attention!
How sexy is this purple one? Absolute must-have for me!

This is just uber sexy!

Grey, another colour that's so big right now.
What do you think ladies? It sure gets my juicy stamp of approval. Actually, it just put me in the mood for swimwear shopping. Ah, Summer, I can't wait for you...



  1. totally support your one-piece swimsuit.
    i had one custom-made after the red one Miranda wore in the first SATC movie. i love it and it hides all that weight leftover from winter ;)

  2. Skinny Bitches - having one custom-made is such a rad idea! These days you don't find swimwear in the shops that's just perfect for YOU.

    I'm really looking forward to some sun, sand and sea...

    Thanks for the comments everyone!