Monday, June 21, 2010

Party like it's 1950

Some days I want to be a writer and some days I want to be an events coordinator. Though I've been leaning more towards writing these days, a healthy switch was needed. So when there were talks of my friend wanting to do something different for her 30th birthday party, I fervently volunteered and took control of all the party arrangements!

There was some debate as to what the theme would be, but after I had a 1950's photo shoot, we were all in love with the vintage glamour from back then. Even though I did look forward to my first suggestion, 'Bollywood Nights', I must admit, a 1950's theme is very unique. But beware, I am just a tan away from a belly-dancing costume!

After a few weeks of planning - venue choices, food, champagne, invite design, decor, managing the guest list and deciding what to wear - it finally all came together on Saturday, June 19th.

The English crowd is really different to the Afrikaans crowd (now I know that for a fact). They are way more conservative when it comes to dressing up, they drink less and they don't dance. At all. Oh, and they leave early, at least, earlier than what is accepted on a Saturday night! Even though everyone didn't dress up (sorry, a simple hat doesn't cut it), I'm glad I made an effort and I thoroughly enjoyed all the confusing stares I got from the non-guests.

Overall the evening was a success. Everyone pitched, brought gifts, wore pearls, gloves and feathers, danced (only the Afrikaners) and had fun! We made friends, bumped into old ones and discovered more alter-egos (hopefully Genevieve won't start blogging too)!

One event down, one hundred more to go (then only I can call myself 'experienced').


(Images: writer's own)