Friday, June 4, 2010

Win on Being Brazen's Blog

Say the words 'competition', 'win' or 'giveaway', and you've got my attention! Getting things I didn't expect, like a prize, makes me feel like it's my birthday (minus the ageing part). Bonus!

Thanks to the lovely Being Brazen, who so often grabs my attention with her amazing blog and comps, I get to enter another one of her fab giveaways!

I'm a complete softie when there are freebies involved and, even though I don't always get to win, I still enter! Which is exactly what I did on her blog.

This time she's giving away a pair of semi-hooped earings featuring cute little leaves, which are made of silver plated matte 18K gold finish. Nice one girl!

Once again, holding thumbs, tightly.

Go on and enter - you know you want to.
Image and comp found here


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