Monday, September 27, 2010

Denver Apollus' birthday bash!

I was recently invited to Denver Apollus', Kfm DJ, birthday party celebrated at Living Room. Not only do I love dressing up, rubbing shoulders with celebrities and going to new clubs, I totally love acting like a socialite. You know, the fancy word for 'party animal'. The party took place this passed Thursday and it just so happened to be the launch party of Beyonce's new fragarance, Heat, too. So, needless to say, I left with some freebies and smelling really good. 

If you haven't been at Living Room yet, go. Trust me. It's a really upmarket place hidden in Bellville. It has a red carpet rolled out surrounded by about four bodyguards outside, which just adds to the Hollywoodness that the club holds. It's a double-story club with the most beautiful and stylish interior I've ever seen in a club! It's uber spacious with a mini stage for a live jazz band, DJ's, a VIP section, dancefloors and a Pink Bar and Blue Bar. Need I say more?

Here are some pictures of Denver's birthday bash - which was total fun by the way - followed by some more partying at China White. The club where you'll always find me.

Esme, my sister and I first stopped at Buena Vista for a drink.

And bumped into a special friend of mine, Ivan.

The 3 of us with the birthday boy, Denver Apollus

He really is as cool as he sounds on radio!

Pictured here with Lee Downs (also a Kfm DJ) and Denver.

 So in love with my vintage clutch bag!

Champagne, one of my (many) guilty pleasures.

My sister and I with Lee Downs.
Then it was time to get my drink on at China White. I only went home close to 06h00! Go big or go home, I always say.

Yes yes, we're major posers and big on pouting. So sue us.

My sister with one of her best friends. Yes that is a rip in her stockings. No thanks to Lee Downs.

We are often mistaken for twins.

Group photo!

Hello, who are you? Care to dance?

Oh boy! Double trouble.

Taking a bit of a breather.

Checking for rips. Nah, seems fine.

A special thank you to Denver for putting me and my friends on the guest list. Happy Birthday for tomorrow! Check out the Living Room here.

(Images: writer's own)


  1. 'acting like a socialite' ARE a socialite babe;) Hot pics.

  2. From all those poses that you have perfected, why have I not seen you in FHM or something??????

  3. And the beat goes on.....Hope you ladies had a great time at Living Room. Later D