Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

I'm pretty sure the whole world is talking, blogging and tweeting about Spring's arrival today, and I've decided to join the league! Forgive me, but today is acceptable to talk about the weather. Even though it still looks like a miserable Winter's day outside, we know that hot days are around the corner. Bye-bye raincoats and helloooo dresses!

Here is my to-do (and lust-have) list for Spring:

... wear lavender coloured nail polish
... collect pretty (YDE, preferably) dresses
... wash my car more often
... dye my hair blonde!
... go on picnics on lazy-sunny-Sundays
... break hearts instead of getting mine broken
... plan another girls weekend!
... buy more vintage-inspired sling bags.
... swim, swim, swim!
... buy loads of baby clothes for a friend who just found out she's expecting!
... try a one-piece bikini
... surround myself with flowers!
... eat yummy salads
... oh and, of course, spring-clean something

Let's hope the weather changes real soon and see some flowers bloom!
Happy Spring, darlings!

(Image found here - I heart tulips!)

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  1. Happy spring to you! My blog post has the same heading LOL! You know what they say about great minds! Have a fantastic spring day ;-)