Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Calling all gadget-lovers: I have a giveaway for you!

As a token of my absolute gratitude to all my lovely, supportive and fabulous readers, I'm having a giveaway* on my blog! Two lucky readers will each win a Neocube set. What on earth is that, I hear you ask?

The Neocube is made up of 216 rare earth magnets that, when clumped together, can create an almost infinite number of shapes and puzzles. So it’s got amazing replay value that encourages stress relief and brain exercise through construction and creativity. It’s the perfect desk toy for you to use as personal gift, corporate gift or for yourself!

Neocube magnets

In one of the many shapes you can puzzle it!

Especially for Miss Juicy Jemma
Trust me, this is a fun toy! Interested yet? All you have to do to enter is follow me on Twitter, tweet about the giveaway and include me in the tweet (@JuicyJemma) be a follower of my blog (you can be a google follower too or even follow my blog via Twitter), follow NeoCube SA on Twitter or leave a comment here telling me what shapes you'd make with these magnetic balls! You'll get an entry for each of the above, but tell me here that/ who you're following. For more information on this fun gadget, visit NeoCube's website.

Good luck my darlings!

A special thank you to NeoCube for the sponsor! Remember to keep an eye on my blog for the sunglass giveaway coming soon!


*this giveaway is open to all South Africans
*two random winners will be chosen by a 3rd party
*closing date will be 30 September, midnight
*prize will be posted to the winners
*prize is not transferable for cash
*if winner(s) cannot be reached, a new winner will be drawn within 7 days


  1. I want to try and build an Eiffel Tower ;)

  2. I follow you on twitter and I follow your blog
    I want to make a hand shape. :)

  3. Hi Jemma, I follow u on twitter. Im following Neocube as well.
    I will build a racing track for my radio contolled car :D

    Love ur BLOG!

  4. I want to see if I can turn the neocube into a neo ball

  5. This looks like fun!
    Following your twitter and blog and now following NeoCube as well!
    Going to try and build the farmer a tractor.

  6. I got another 1 and it's abit mean....because these are balls, I can use them to throw at co workers when the piss me off and then because they are magnets, I can walk around with one in a bag and bring all the others back to me ;)

  7. This looks like a fun competition! I will try and create a handbag illusion:)

    I am following you and NeoCube on twitter:)

    and will tweet abt it now!!


  8. I have no friggin idea what I'll build first. Maybe the Curry Cup if my team wins, again? :D I just want funny balls! (Good thing I'm not a guy)

  9. Lucky you not a guy Leanne, i don't think any guy would enjoy having funny balls ;)

    I was thinking about it and clearly there is an infinite number of things that can be done with these magnets....so after the Eiffel tower, I think i would try to do other famous landmarks ;)

  10. neocube it should be called neverending amazeballs.

    following you and neocube on twitter.

    I would make a 3D molecular geometry model of the alloy that the neocube balls are made of.

  11. All your entries are in! The closing date is at midnight tonight, so get all those last entries in. Winners (yes, TWO) will be drawn, and announced, soooon!