Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Friday and I...

... want an ass like Jessica Alba. Please.
... have a party-filled weekend lined up! Who's joining?
... bought the most beautiful vintage dress from YDE last night.
... ate chilli biltong for breakfast. Who's counting calories?
... am so stiff! Every single muscle in my body is sore from my pole-dancing lesson!
... think I'm close to the third and final stage of the break-up.
... am wearing red nail polish from essie.
... am drooling over Mr September in the Cosmopolitan calendar. Rugby player, Francois Hougaard. Yummy!
... have a weakness for nice arms. Nice, toned, tanned, muscled, strong arms. Ok FOCUS.
... am so hooked on Miley Cyrus's new album, Can't be Tamed. Trust me, the Hannah Montana days are long gone!
... am going to do, like, a million squats every night to get an ass like Jessica's. Fuck, that's hot. Huh?

Happy Friday and have a eventful weekend!



  1. Good god! If i had an ass like that I would walk around pant-less everyday!

  2. lol she has a great ass:( time to get back to the gym!


  3. Jessica Alba's posterior on a Friday just made this my new favourite blog. Ever. Of all time. etc. You get the idea.

    And promoting biltong for a breakfast doesn't hurt either. Calories shmalories

  4. I dont see the problem with yours?

  5. Damn, that pizza for lunch tasted goooood. And my bulging stomach ain't making me feel guilty AT ALL... FYI, Jemma ~ youz got much more to offer than Ms Alba ;)

  6. thanks, but y'all haven't even seen my ass!
    and thanks for the compliment Stu - I am now a dedicated follower of your blog too!

  7. Yum that bum is asstastic. I'm glad it's on your to-do list