Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things I can't say NO to... #009

I have a really bad weakness for a hot man! Ok, I've heard I've got really weird taste, but I like the good 'ol tall, dark, handsome, fairly-haired bad boys with nice arms. As in, tanned, ripped and strong arms. I don't really like the Zac Efrons or the Robert Pattinsons. I dream about want lust after stalk like obsess prefer the Gerard Butlers and the Robbie Williams type. *Ahem* where was I? Ah yes, hot men. To me, hot bodies are far more important than looks. And of course other things matter like intelligence, manners, bank account blah blah blah. If you have a hot bod, chances are, you'll grab my attention. Simply because, I can't say no. When I was at the Women's Day party, not all the promo guys were hot, but there were a few. You can probably guess from who I bought all my shooters...

Ladies, don't you agree? No? Look at these pics - it'll convince you. And men, these pics should be some motivation to get your ass in the gym!

Christiano is the reason I watch soccer!

 Uhm, how about NO

This is more like it!

Someone slice me a piece of this beefcake.

Ok Zac, you convinced me. You can stay.
I'm shallow, but I'll admit it!



  1. see the guy where it says this is more like it oaft who is he