Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's Friday and I...


... am so hooked on all things vintage!
... am calling all gadget-lovers. I have an upcoming giveaway!
... did an interview yesterday about 'Yolandi vs Jemma'. Watch this space!
... am seeing a special person on Sunday and I really can't wait.
... have no parties planned for the weekend. Even a die-hard party animal needs to take a break. *sigh*
... feel like doing a bikini car wash and put it on my blog! Who's with me?
... am going for a much needed pedicure and sunbed session tomorrow. Bring on the pampering!
... really can't believe how light on petrol my Yaris is!
... have been eating so much junk food this week and no gym either! I know, I know.
... am excited to see the results of my lingerie photo shoot. Apparently, not much longer before we all get to see it.
... painted my nails grey again.
... encourage all girls to take up pole-dancing! Not only is it a great workout and teaches you some awesome skills, but it brings out your sexy-side. Trust me.
... would love to move to my own website, but I'm going to need some serious sponsors. *hint hint*

Happy Friday and eid mubarak to all my Muslim readers!
Have a fabulous weekend and have a drink on me.



  1. Love that swimsuit.

    I know, my Yaris is amazingly light on petrol.

    Have a fab weekend

  2. Wow, almost every blogger I know, drives a Yaris! We all have great taste!

    i love that bikini too!! I really want something similar for the summer OR a sailor one.

    Have a fabulous weekend and hopefully i'll bump into you some day!